Top 5 Things to Consider Before You Undertake an Epoxy Flooring Project

As someone who has worked in different industrial and commercial spaces, I can confidently say that Epoxy floors are every worker’s delight. Not only do they provide a smooth but strong working surface, they make for easy movement around the working area.

But—and this is a serious ‘but’—Epoxy floors can be a nightmare if executed shabbily. In fact, untidily done floors have been known to pose a ghastly threat to both workers and customers. And the workspace is not a great place to live a nightmare.

If you plan to install polished concrete floors or Epoxy floors, it is essential to consider some important factors. These factors are especially important when you want to hire the most reliable epoxy contractors. The smartest business owners have confessed to considering the following top five tips when hiring epoxy contractors.


Most business owners get nervous about vacating their factories for too long. You can’t blame them when you consider that they are in business to make money. And easy day wasted on the epoxy flooring project is money lost. But this shouldn’t stop you from conducting adequate research.

By now, you have probably noticed that there are myriads of companies offering epoxyflooring services. This will be particularly clear to people who’d have spent time on Google typing keywords like ‘best epoxy floor contractors in Kansas’ or ‘polished floor contractors’. Choosing the most reliable can be a daunting task. If you know what to look out for, finding the right contractor for your facility can be quite easy.

While making enquiries, you must pay attention to these two key areas of research. Your first enquiry ought to be geared towardsdeciding on the most suitable type of epoxy flooring for your space. All epoxy floorings are not the same. You might benefit from a little research so you can learn about the different types of epoxy floor coatings. Alternatively, you can consult an expert to help with this aspect, which brings us to what the second phase of the research should entail.

The contractors themselves. Most contractors have areas of specialization. Find out each contractor’s specialization and the length of duration of his or her existence in the business. If they have been in business for a long time, then they are likely to have a lot of experience in the industry. Company websites often provide such important information. In the end, it is important to pay attention to your research findings before your eventually choose a contractor.


Once you have concluded the research phase, your best bet is to go for the contractor with the most experience in the epoxy flooring industry. How else can you sort the best from the list of contractors the search engines have inundated you with?

For instance, if as a smart business owner, you wanted to find expert contractors in floors, and you typed in ‘polished concrete kansas city’, you’ll be wiser to choose companies that have successfully completed flooring projects.

Again, it is important to choose a company that has a good number of experienced engineers.This is because companies with expert engineers are likely to have done great contractual jobs. It is common to find that such experienced companies will be willing to list completed projects. And if you can, go to the listed sites to inspect the quality of the floors yourself.


Ever heard the slogan ‘safety first’? It is popular among the most reputable engineering companies. This is because construction sites are particularly notorious for recording work-related accidents. The last thing any business owner wants is to hire contractors that don’t have decent safety rules and guidelines for their workers.

The truth is that anything can go wrong.

To minimize your risks, inquire about the prospective contractor’s insurance status. Be sure to study and review their insurance policy. Most reputable epoxy contractors are insured to cover any liability that may be incurred during the project. This guaranteed that unforeseen events will be handled by the contractors.


Another thing to consider is the contractors’ references. This will make it easier for you to whittle down your long list of potential epoxy flooring contractors. And so before you hire any contractor, it is extremely important to review the contractors’ references as well as previously completed projects.

Billboards, posters and adverts are fine, but they can be quite misleading. The best way to determine the capability of any epoxy contractor is to go through their reviews and if possible, physically inspect their completed jobs.


The amount of time required to complete each project will rely on theavailability of manpower, machinery amongst other factors. So before you sign that contract, you have to inquire about the duration of the project. As the old sage goes, time is money. This applies mostly to business. While the floors are being fixed, the premises can’t be used for work.

Hence, it is crucial to choose contractors who can complete the job in record time without compromising on quality.