Rendevu – The Startup Revolutionizing the Escorting Industry in 2017

If there’s an industry sorely deprived of disruption, it’s the oldest profession in the world – escort services.

According to recent estimates, the global escort services industry pulls in $186 billion in revenue annually. It’s a widespread market with millions of participants. By all accounts, it’s a service that’s been around since the dawn of time.

However, this is a perilous industry fraught with risk and danger. Despite its prevalence, the industry works behind the scenes, which leaves clients and escorts vulnerable. Online classified are untrustworthy and many clients report being duped on these sites. Escorts, on the other hand, struggle with difficult clients, non-payment, and frequent abuse.

Now, it seems technology may finally be changing the oldest profession in the world. Recently launched Rendevu seeks to make the marketplace user-friendly by bringing in transparency and protocol. The startup has secured $700,000 in funding to revolutionize the escort industry and rethink how these services are provided.

The app fills a vital gap with clever solutions. Service providers can upload pictures and private details regarding age and appearance on a simple and minimalistic profile. Clients are required to sign up with their credit card details and present the card as verification when they arrive. Other forms of identification, such as passports and driver licenses, can also be used. The app prevents any transaction or completion without firm ID approval from the escort. This helps professionals verify their clients and ensure payment will be completed once services are rendered.

Users create profiles, interact beforehand, and create bookings within the app itself. Enterprise-grade encryption secures the app and helps preserve user privacy. The app also circumvents app store restrictions on mature content by being web-based. This means Rendevu operates within the mobile browser and doesn’t need to be downloaded from the app store.

Rendevu offers substantial advantages for both clients and professionals. Service providers can be confident the clientele is verified and trustworthy, while clients can gain access to a gallery of images, exact prices, estimated time of arrival, and details about the services on offer. Appointments can be tracked and logged by both parties. Profiles can be kept private with limited availability if required, adding an extra layer of data protection.

Perhaps the only app in its niche, Rendevu is determined to bring a technology perspective to the escort industry. The focus is on security, ease-of-use, and availability. Developers behind the app firmly believe technology can help drag the industry out of the shadows and into the mainstream.

The success of mainstream dating and adult-oriented apps like Tinder and Grindr spurs the team on.

With funding now on hand, the startup hopes to grow quickly and tap this sorely underserved market. Founder Reuben Coppa believes the fresh funds can help them upgrade security, features, and marketing for the app. By bringing trust and transparency to the escort industry, Rendevu hopes to disrupt this industry and turn the marketplace on its head.