Laser hair removal: the answers to your questions

Is laser hair removal a magical solution that will help you enjoy smooth skin for the rest of your life? Do hormonal conditions decrease the level of effectiveness? Are laser hair removal and electrolysis the same thing? How do I know which one suits my skin type? Do both of them cause the same amount of pain? Can you resort to laser hair removal for all your body areas? Does this procedure with seemingly permanent results come with risks or side effects? How many sessions do I need for a flawless skin? Can I afford all these sessions? How should I prepare before and after each session?

Every woman who ever heard about laser hair removal took into consideration visiting a reputable clinic and discussing with a dermatologist or any other person with training and qualification in order to make an appointment. None of the other traditional hair removal methods provides results lasting more than a month, not to mention about the patience, time and money you invest in the process as well as the pain you need to bear for having temporary smooth legs.

Understand the procedure before making an appointment

However, many women also have questions related to this wonder procedure that promises to help you get rid of unwanted hair for good. This is understandable because nobody should compromise his or her health or wellbeing for achieving a more pleasant physical appearance. Therefore, if laser hair removal comes with negative effects, you should know before preparing for the first session. This article has the purpose to provide accurate answers to all the questions mentioned above that undoubtedly cross every client’s mind. Starting with the basics, understanding how the process actually works will automatically help you determine both the efficiency and the safety level associated with laser hair removal.

What to expect during every laser hair removal session

This medical procedure consists in destroying hair follicles by using pulsating laser beam. In fact, the beam of light does not destroy completely each hair follicle from the first session. The damage happens slowly and gradually, especially taking into account the natural growth cycle of the hair. More specifically, the respective dermatologist can only use the machine or device on the hairs existent during each session. Those who were not grown then will suffer the same damage during the next session and so on. It practically depends on each person’s hairiness.

The number of sessions and the results

Obviously, this explains why every client needs a different number of sessions for satisfactory results. Nevertheless, during your conversation with the practitioner or dermatologist, you will find out, probably with disappointment, that laser hair removal is not a magical solution for eliminating all the hair on your body in one day. Yes, it provides amazing results because the fewer hairs will grow back after a very long period differently meaning that it will be finer, lighter. The good news is that if you revisit the clinic once a year, you will still be able to enjoy flawless skin. Therefore, laser hair removal does lead to permanent results, with a little maintenance. We, these two answers are somehow contradictory, but you can understand why. Indeed, laser hair removal is revolutionary, but not perfect yet. As long as you do not mind investing a relatively small amount of money yearly on maintenance, then this innovative procedure is definitely for you. The most common body areas approached during these sessions refer to legs, bikini line, underarms, chest, chin, upper lip and back.

How to prepare your skin before every session

If you decide to opt for Toronto laser hair removal, then you have to prepare your body for each session. Of course, the consultation with a certified doctor before the appointment will give you the needed information, but we are going to satisfy your curiosity now. The main two instructions that you need to follow before returning to the clinic for your first session include avoiding excessive exposure to sunlight and any other form of hair removal. This means that you cannot wax or pluck your hair, but you can shave. In fact, the doctor will recommend you to do this step because it allows the laser beam to reach better to the root of your hair. You probably already heard that laser hair removal works best on people with lighter skin tone and darker hair. As you may imagine, getting a tan before the session will not help the procedure. On the contrary, it could lead to side effects.

Do not panic if you notice these side effects

This leads us to the next questions that most clients ask, namely if the process comes with risks. Well, immediately after the session, you will notice swelling and redness in the treated area and it could last up until several hours. However, the practitioner will apply ice to help you cope with any discomfort. If you present allergic reactions to the procedure, a steroid cream has the purpose to reduce the effects. These are normal reactions of the skin after laser hair removal. Apart from skin irritation, another common side effect refers to pigment changes, but this is not permanent. Some people notice a darker or lighter skin tone in the affected area, but you do not have to panic because it will go away.

Learning more about electrolysis and making a comparison

If you read about electrolysis online or you heart about it from your friends, you probably want to know the exact difference between this procedure and laser hair removal. Obviously, you already accumulated relevant and useful information related to the latter just by reading this article so electrolysis is next. In fact, electrolysis is quite similar to laser hair removal because it should provide the same results; only the actual procedure differs. Instead of using intense beams of light for damaging the hair follicles, the practitioner uses a device based on shortwave radio frequencies. In comparison to laser hair removal, this works for all types of skin and hair. In addition, you can use it on any part of your body you wish, even on the eyebrows. The most common side effect clients notice is redness, but it goes away within a day.