What Is the Difference Between Plant Based and Traditional Memory Foam Mattresses?

Just like other household items, mattresses also depreciate with time. After a certain point of time, usually after 8-9 years, your mattress doesn’t give you the required support and needs replacement.

However, nowadays the market is flooded with various types of mattresses with each one offering different support. In such cases, it’s important to understand which mattress is suitable for you. This guide will brief you about memory foam, which is one of the most popular mattresses in market.

Traditional Memory Foam Mattress

These mattresses are made with petroleum-based polyurethane. The process of making these mattresses was primarily developed by NASA. After the introduction of method in 1990s, NASA sold the process to other manufacturers.

Traditional memory foam mattress is designed to give support to your body during sleeping. These mattresses are temperature sensitive, which means they get hard in cold weather and become soft in hot weather.

The best thing about the memory foam mattresses is that they do not allow for the motion transfer from one point to another. What it means is that you will not be disturbing the other person on the bed while you move during your sleep. That is why it is considered as the best option for couples. Apart from this, traditional memory foam mattresses are more durable as compared to other beds since high-quality material is used in making it.

Plant Based Memory Foam Mattress

Despite the popularity of traditional memory foam mattresses, there’re few concerns which have been admitted by users. There are several issues with traditional memory foam including firmness unpredictability, excessive viscosity, odors and chemicals, heat retention etc.

To combat the same, plant based memory foam has been introduced. In plant based memory foam mattress, derived oils are used in place of petroleum products. The oils inserted in this mattress makes it more comfortable as compared to other ones and provides better relief to people suffering from medium to severe pains and aches.

Moreover, plant based memory foam mattress is anti-microbial which means it reduces the chances of dust mites and bugs on your bed. This further reduces chances of allergies thereby offers you better environment for sleeping.

Apart from this, plant based memory foam mattresses last longer than traditional foam mattresses which means suppliers can pass on better warranty terms to their customers. Therefore, next time you buy a gel memory foam mattress, do enquire the retailers about the warranty, which they are offering on it.

Trapped Heat: Traditional V/s Plant Based Memory Foam

Most of the people prefer cooler surface while sleeping. This is because cooler surface improves sleep quality.

  • Plant Based Memory Foam

Plant Based Memory Foam mattress has better breathability as compared to traditional memory foam mattress. It offers cooler surface to sleepers thereby improving their sleep quality.

  • Traditional Memory Foam

When it’s about temperature, traditional memory foam mattresses can’t beat plant based memory foam mattresses. This is because traditional memory foam mattress has closed-cell nature which leads to heat trapping in it. As per a survey conducted among traditional memory foam mattress users, around 10-15% of respondents have complained about excess heat and temperature in traditional memory foam mattresses.

Health: Traditional V/s Plant Based Memory Foam

  • Plant Based Memory Foam

These mattresses are made using derived oils. There are no toxic chemicals, dangerous additives or heavy metals used in making these mattresses. This ensures that there’re no chances of rashes and allergies with use of these mattresses. Therefore, these mattresses are good for health.

  • Traditional Memory Foam

Mostly, there’s use of chemicals and petroleum based products in making traditional memory foam mattresses. Therefore, in case you have allergy issues, it’s better that you go for plant based memory foam mattresses.


Hope this guide will help you to understand the difference between traditional and plant based memory foam mattresses.