How to choose the right groomer for your dog?

Is your dog starting to look more and more like a shaggy dog? If so, it might be time to look for a pet groomer. Grooming requires your dog to be with someone using scissors and nail clippers for a while, so it’s important to prepare well and find a groomer you can trust. Here are some tips on how to find the right groomer for your pet.

Does my dog need a professional groomer?

The need for professional grooming services depends a lot on your dog and how well you do it yourself. At a minimum, animals need regular bathing, brushing, ear cleaning, and clipping, all of which are relatively easy to do at home on their own. Even if you have a long-haired dog that needs regular grooming, or has a thick coat that tends to tangle, you can still groom your dog yourself. Keep in mind that in addition to specialized tools such as claw clippers and combs for detangling fur, you will also need a lot of time and patience and possibly a helper to hold your pet in place. If you don’t have any of the above, it’s probably best to leave more complex grooming procedures, such as trimming and de-tangling, to professionals. Otherwise, you risk accidentally injuring your dog and developing a fear of grooming.

Choosing a dog groomer

  1. Ask your acquaintances. The easiest way to find a groomer you can trust is through referrals. You can ask your friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances, as well as your veterinarian at a familiar veterinarian, trainer, or any other pet specialist you know.
  2. Shorten your list. There are testimonial sites on the Internet that will let you know what other people think about the services of a particular groomer.
  3. Chat with potential groomers. After shortening your list, call the remaining candidates. Ask about the prices and services they provide, their policies or restrictions for new clients, opening hours, and other specific questions regarding your dog’s needs. It also helps to ask if they are giving the animals a break to go to the toilet or play and ask for recommendations from the clients they serve. It is also worth asking if it is possible to inspect the salon before bringing the dog. If the groomer says no, you should probably cross him off your list. A specialist with a reliable reputation will be delighted to have the opportunity to show their salon.
  4. Examine the salon. Pay attention to aspects such as the cleanliness and lightness of the grooming area, the availability of sufficient space for comfortable movement of the dog, the friendliness of the staff and their attentiveness to their four-legged clients. While there, make sure pets left under the hairdryer are checked regularly to avoid overheating, and ask what documents the groomer keeps. Ideally, groomers keep not only grooming documents, but also medical and vaccination records, as well as emergency contact information.
  5. And of course you should like the groomer. You can see a sincere and animal-loving person right away. Ask about his four-legged clients, if a person is happy, talks a lot about them, then he definitely loves animals.

With love to your dogs, DogRook!

Written by Lara Harper