Facing criminal charges in Rochester? Get an attorney

If you have been accused of a crime or arrested, you need to hire an attorney without delay. Make no mistake – Prosecution attorneys will want a win in their list, and even if you believe that you know criminal law, the legal system is way different than most people assume. In this post, we are sharing more on why you need a Rochester criminal lawyer and how to choose the right one. 

Get the expertise you need

An experienced criminal lawyer knows everything about criminal law. They have probably worked on hundreds of cases over the years, and they can offer a fair assessment of your circumstances. Yes, you can represent yourself in court, but the chances of mistakes are quite high unless you are a lawyer. 

Know your case better

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your arrest, your lawyer may be able to reduce or dismiss the charges. For instance, your lawyer can develop a strong defense strategy if the required legal procedures were not adhered to during your arrest or when the evidence is botched up. In other words, many variables can impact a case, and your lawyer can help understand these aspects and if existing loopholes can work in your favor. 

Minimize the damage

What happens if there is no room to prove that the defendant is innocent? A criminal lawyer can still make a difference for the client. Your lawyer can bargain for a better plea deal, keep you out of jail when possible, or reduce the expected sentence. Because they have worked with prosecutors in the past and have a working relationship with them, they can get a better deal. 

How to find the right criminal lawyer in NY?

Many firms in Rochester have the best criminal lawyers in NY, and all you need is an attorney with experience. Check websites like Avvo for more details. Most law firms have a website these days where you can find details of their attorneys. Meet an attorney in person and check if you feel comfortable discussing the case. Experienced lawyers take time to know a client’s case, handling the situation on priority. A criminal lawyer will eventually try to get the best possible outcome for the client, and for that, they will investigate and work on evidence accordingly. 

The cost of hiring a criminal lawyer in NY depends on many factors, but most attorneys work at an hourly rate or on a retainer basis. 

Written by Spencer Calvert