How To Be More Environmentally Friendly In Today’s Day And Age

With the current climate change, issues and the rise in carbon footprints, everyone can do their bit to be a bit more conscious of the environment. As humans, many of us tend to forget that we share this planet with many species other than ourselves and that our waste doesn’t just affect us, but it also affects our wildlife and flora kingdom.

If each of us just made small changes to our daily lives, it all starts to add up, making an even bigger impact on preserving the planet.

Here are a few ways we can all start becoming environmentally conscious:

First Things First

Start taking care of your own health. Have you ever heard the phrase treat others the way you treat yourself? Well, this doesn’t just apply to manners, it also applies to how you treat and respect everything around you. When you start looking after yourself, your mindset automatically changes and you become more conscious of what is good for you and what is not. You start becoming aware that a healthy planet means a healthy you. Stress, whether it be caused by work or by environmental factors such as poor air quality, noise or crowding is a real thing and it can cause severe harm to your health. If your body does not have the right nutrients and you have not taken any measures to exercise daily, you are increasing your risk of developing stress-related diseases. Natural supplements are an incredibly easy and convenient way to get all the nutrients your body is lacking especially if you are on the go. Review Critic is an excellent resource which can help you decide which manufacturers are the best and the most environmentally friendly suppliers of supplements.


Plastic has become a very dirty word and rightfully so. Plastic pollution is single handedly becoming the largest hazard to ourselves and our wildlife. To put it in perspective, scientist have estimated a whopping 8 million metric tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year. If you think about it, this is quite devastating, not only to sea life, birds and other animals but to us as well. Imagine sitting on a beach in Florida and every bit of sand is covered in plastic, most of you would agree that a plastic polluted beach is not all that pleasant. Since plastic is not biodegradable and an estimated 80% of plastic does not get recycled, it’s best to avoid using plastic all together.

Here are a few alternatives you can use daily:

1.Water Bottles

Opt for a reusable water bottle rather than buying bottled water every day. Not only does this help save the environment but it is also better for your health. Most plastic bottles contain BPA, a harmful chemical used in most plastics. A glass reusable water bottle is all you need when you are on the go. The same goes for storage containers, using glass containers keeps food fresher for longer and you wont need to worry about any BPA exposed plastics.


Most stores and restaurant chains are now offering paper straws as an alternative to plastic ones. While many companies are moving in the same direction there are still a few who offer harmful plastic straws. To avoid having to use a plastic straw at all costs, invest in a reusable straw made from stainless steel or glass. They are easy to clean and even easier to carry with you in your bag.

3.Shopping Bags

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have noticed the shift in most grocery stores from plastic to paper or canvas bags. Purchasing a canvas bag not only helps to reduce your carbon footprint but they are easier to carry and won’t tear open when you are carrying your precious cargo around.

Other Ways To Be Environmentally Conscious

Hitch A Ride

Carpooling with a colleague or friend is both economically and environmentally friendly. Group lifts help to reduce the number of cars on the road and you are also doing your bit by reducing the amount of air pollution you cause. The best part about it is that you will also save on gas and what better way to start your mornings and evenings than by spending some quality time in the car with the people closest to you.

Put It On The Heap

Your garden will love you for this tip. Start a compost heap instead of tossing old fruits and vegetables away in the garbage. This helps to reduce the amount of trash you create and the compost will do wonders for your flower beds and pots. Compost enriches the soil and reduces pests as well as plant diseases.

Water Wise

It’s time to start looking at water like it is a precious commodity, without it we cannot survive and at the rate we are wasting water and the climate is changing, there is a very big possibility that one day we will run out. Start becoming water wise today by taking shorter showers and closing taps properly. By shaving a few minutes off your shower, you can save up to a thousand gallons of water a year. An added bonus – you will save costs on your water bill too!