Here’s the Fastest Way to Get Your Ex Back

In order to win back your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, you first need to understand what mistakes you did while you both were in a relationship and how to rectify that. Before proposition her the idea of getting back with her/him, you need to apologize for your mistakes and then let your ex see that you are completely changed now and have become a better person for him/her.

You cannot simply promise your ex that you will change in the future. In most of the cases, a person will need to see that their ex-girlfriend or boyfriend has learned their lesson from the mistakes they committed and are making a serious effort to make some real, good changes. For instance, if a guy has dumped by his girlfriend because he was too insecure and clingy in their relationship, then the girl will definitely not going to be excited to take that guy back because the guy is saying that they won’t do that anymore.

Instead, the girl is going to need to see that he indeed has changed for good and to find that out, the girl will need to first talk to the guy to know whether he really changed or was just bluffing around. Right from the guy’s body language and attitude to communication style, the girl can see the change in everything.

Now think about this way, have you ever been talking to someone who was acting as if they were being honest or were acting extremely nice to you but still you could sense something wrong? Your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend has the same sort of human sense, so never ever try tricking your ex into getting back with you by acting like you were completely changed. Your ex will pick up on that and it will turn them off the idea of giving you another chance.

Forget about everything. Your ex will certainly not going to accept or take you back until they see the change and make them feel the kind of respect and attraction that your ex needs to feel to justify giving you second chance.

If you really want to get back with your ex then start respecting your ex needs and actually making some changes to how you think, feel, behave, and act around him/her. Let them see that you really do care about your relationship with them and were making him/her feel and have put in the effort to understand about where you were going wrong and what you have to do in order to fix it.

In the process of letting your ex believe that you are a changed person now, you need to avoid 4 things to get back with your ex.

Some people cannot refrain themselves from going into panic mode when their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend decides that they want to end their relationship. Whatever the reasons that made you and your ex break up with each other, if want then you can try and fix them. But making the following mistakes can slow down your process of getting back with her.

Mistake 1 — Pleading them 24/7

You might think that pleading them without a break will make your ex comes back to you but it is just a myth. In reality, it will only make the situations even worse. It doesn’t show how much you care, love, or badly want to get back with your ex rather it shows how desperate you are and not giving them enough time to think about your relationship once again. Your ex may first seem to hear all your pleading and begging scene but later they will ignore it.

A person who badly pleads and begs is a big turn off for the would-be life partner as people will usually get attracted to people who are emotionally strong in every situation. What any person wants to see is that their boyfriend or girlfriend wants them in their life and much they mean to them. Not a person who wants people for their emotional strength and security.

Mistake 2 — Complete Ignoring Your Ex

Based on mistake number 1, if you ignore your ex then they might think that you are not interested in making up with them. So you need to maintain that line where you have to keep in touch with your ex but not call them too often.

Mistake 3 — Only Promises No Actual Change

There could be many reasons for a breakup and one of the common reasons is making mistakes and repeating it. That will make your ex to lose respect for you, then find no more attractive and ultimately fall out of love.

So rather than making fake promises that you would change or have changed, try to change for real. If your ex realizes that you are still the same person, then may not come back to you, ever. If you really your ex back in your life then take your issues with her seriously and try to fix them.

Mistake 4 — Texting Them Repeatedly

It is common for people to miss their ex-girlfriends and boyfriends and out of that missing feeling they tend to text them again and again. But in reality, texting them repeatedly is a bad idea. They may find it irritating if don’t give them space to think about you and your relationship. Only call when it is urgent or want to ask him/her out.

Doing it right

In order to make up with your ex instantly, you need to show them that you are a changed person and learned your lessons from your experience and now, you are trying to be a better person. Of course, this ain’t overnight task. It is going to take some days or probably months for you to convince your ex that you are no more a person who they used to know. But have trust and faith, things will eventually fall into place.