What are the Different Kinds of Car Subwoofers

Speakers that are committed primarily to reproduce low frequencies are called subwoofers. Regardless of the type of music you prefer, how loud or soft you like to listen, a quality subwoofer can enhance the listening experience. Since the car speakers are small in size, it faces trouble producing low-frequency sound to give music depth and realism. A subwoofer can make a significant difference to your sound system.

The woofer industry is at its boom and now we can find a number of products in the market. There are hundreds of brands producing subwoofers at different qualities. This has made difficult for customers to choose the best subwoofer for car. However, here are the main types:

Passive subwoofers

This the most basic form of subwoofer you can find in the market. They comprise only of basic woofer constructed with an enclosure. This type further comes in different sizes and abilities and must be powered with an external amp for a more effective operation.

Powered subwoofer

These are the amplifiers that are built directly into the enclosure to save user time and space. It is one of the most convenient options that you can use. However, there is one drawback. The power of the bass produced here is not as strong as a subwoofer powered by external amplifiers. Nevertheless, these subwoofers are excellent at reproducing midrange frequencies.

Vehicle specific subwoofer

Vehicle specific subwoofers are the best fit for your car if space is a major concern. This category is made specially to cater the needs of a particular type of vehicle and can be redesigned to fit certain space saving locations. However, these are not the most powerful option since they are small.

What kind of subwoofer should I get?

Picking a subwoofer is dependent on many variables. This includes how much space you have in car, the power you want and kind of music being played. Nevertheless, here are some of the factors you must consider:

  • As mentioned above, if you have space-constraints then vehicle specific subwoofers are the best option. Space available in your car will determine your purchase.
  • If you want a subwoofer that blends with your car interior, then again vehicle-specific subwoofers either powered or unpowered are the right choice. These woofers are designed to match the interior of your car. It comes in different colors and styles to meet personal preferences.
  • You can take into account a number of specifications to help make a decision. For instance, power and sensitivity must be considered. It will determine the quality of sound produced. Furthermore, identify frequency range, number of voice coils, size of woofer and enclosure type to make a well-informed decision.


If you want good car bass, then subwoofers are a necessity. There are a number of great brands out there in the market. In the end depends on your preferences. Nevertheless, above are different kind of subwoofers that can be chosen and other factors that must be taken into account before sealing the deal.