Five Simple Ways to Make Yourself Popular on Social Media

Fame on the social media is a battle everyone is willing to fight and win because these days that is one of the measures of how socially active and ‘cool’ you are as an individual. The race for this popularity has resulted in people demanding ways and methods to become popular simply without waiting too long.

This article aims to address the concerns of such people by identifying simple ways that can be used to increase your popularity on social media.

Update Profiles

This is perhaps the most important of all methods. You need to have a profile on each platform that has something new to offer to the viewers each time they visit. This can be anything ranging from your recent vacation to how you found something funny at the local supermarket. Make your profile attractive using these ways and the number of people who keep intact with all the activities on your profile will increase drastically.

If you own a page that is dedicated to, for example, cutting edge technological designs, then the page needs to be updated to offer reliable new information about the subject every day.

Use Pictures

If you are somebody who is looking for followers for Instagram, we hate to inform you that it is a task near to impossible if you do not get over your fear of not uploading pictures.

Pictures are the best way to keep the people you want in your life updated with what is going on, which is essentially why Snapchat and the daily story functions of WhatsApp and Instagram have been great new additions to the world of social media; people do not love to read or listen as much as they love to watch and view!


This metadata tag is very simple to understand; it is used to expand the horizons of your social media account’s outreach. When you use a hashtag with a status update, tweet or new story, people who are doing something similar around the world will get your activity as an update, and that can get you acquaintances without any geographical restrictions.

Attractive Approach

Ever since Facebook introduced the graphs showing the activity of a page, people realized that likes and followers are not the only thing they need to obtain popularity on the social media. To be the talk of the online town you need to provide people with something hilarious, interesting, thought provoking or simply attractive enough for them to talk about it. With this approach, your following will be constant and will not lag behind.

Privacy Settings

If you keep your account too hidden from anonymous people then you will tend to feel more secure, but the chances of you having your popularity shoot up to new heights will be quite slim. Privacy settings play an important role in terms of allowing people to reach out to you, and if you are looking for popularity, a public or semi-public setting is certainly your best bet.