Cremation Diamonds: A New Burial Alternative Grown In Laboratory.

Cremation diamonds, made from ashes, offer the newest alternative to the burial of your loved one. By turning human ashes into diamonds, cherished loved ones are memorialized in a unique way. Unlike traditional diamonds, diamonds made from ashes are created in a fraction of the time nature needs.

What is a Cremation Diamond?

Carbon is the basic building block of organic life, and how diamonds originate. Cremation diamonds are made using cremation ashes or hair, both being primarily carbon. The ashes are subjected to high pressure and temperatures, speeding the natural formation of diamond from carbon. This process will turn ashes into diamonds that are as natural as diamonds which take thousands of years to form. Being able to turn loved ones into diamonds gives a new option for remembrance, making cremation diamonds important for many.

Cremation Diamonds: Among the new ways of remembering a lost loved one.

Cremation has long been an option to replace traditional burial. Through the years, creative ideas help in memorializing a loved one through their ashes. Ashes are mixed with paint for a portrait or ink for a tattoo, or pressed into a vinyl record. The ability to transform ashes to create cremation diamonds, is a fascinating new way to immortalize a loved one.

The ways in which people choose to remember those that have passed can vary from short to long-term. Scattering ashes at sea, or adding them to fireworks, are momentary and create memories. Those wanting on-going remembrance and reminders, choose options like turning ashes to diamonds. Diamonds are known for their longevity, thus diamonds from ashes serve as an ongoing reminder of the departed.

Ashes into Diamonds: High Technology Required

High Technology required: An HTHP Apparatus

Based in Switzerland with branch offices in the U.K., Australia, Germany and the recent opening of their Buffalo, NY facility for North America, LONITE has been perfecting the process of creating memorial diamonds from ashes for years. LONITE scientists and founders leverage a wide array of experience and Swiss know-how when producing cremation diamonds. With a deep understanding of the research and technology needed to turn ashes into diamonds, LONITE makes use of the most advanced methods available.

Turning ashes into diamonds requires a high-pressure, high-temperature environment. Ashes must be purified at high temperatures, removing impurities at the Nano-level. Next, remains are subjected to the high-pressure levels found underground. The use of High-Pressure, High-Temperature (HPHT) anvils, turn the ashes into diamonds as nature would, but in a fraction of the time.

Just like naturally created diamonds, ashes turned into diamonds are as unique as the departed. Process adjustments when creating diamonds from ashes can afford color variations as well. This individualism makes LONITE cremation diamonds different from alternative methods.

Cremation Diamonds VS Traditional Burial: A difference in cost.

Another factor driving people to look for alternatives to traditional burial is the cost. Burials require mortuary fees, the purchase of a casket and a sufficient burial plot, to name a few. Presently, fewer people are setting aside costs for funeral and burial arrangements. These costs drive loved ones to seek affordable alternatives. Turning ashes to diamonds reduces cost as a consideration as prices start at $1600 and may vary up to $17000 depending on the chosen size and shape.

While no cost is too great when a loved one passes, practicality becomes a consideration. Aside from cost, space for interring loved ones is at a premium. This cost will continue to rise, as will associated costs. Cremation has been a long-standing alternative to burial costs. Since cremation reduces burial costs, alternative ways of preserving the loved one, such as turning human ashes to diamonds, are sought out. Additionally, the loved one is kept near and more present in the thoughts of those who cherished them.

The passing of a loved one brings no joy. The memories they leave behind do. By turning ashes to diamonds, cremation diamonds companies produce diamonds that are a lasting testament to loved ones. It is through memories that the departed live on. Cremation diamonds are a source of reminder, keeping the memories of loved ones close at hand.