Benefits of Home Bathroom Remodelling

Did you know bathroom upgrades are the second most popular presale renovation task according to the NAR (National Association of Realtors)? 

When it comes to upgrading a home the first few areas that can give it a bang for the buck is a bathroom renovation. 

Upgraded bathrooms with large-scale remodeling can prepare the house for sale by making it more appealing to prospective buyers. Whether you’re a property owner who lives in another city and wants to sell your home or are ready to renovate the house but not sure where to start, consider upgrading bathrooms.

Let’s delve into the details to help you understand the benefits of upgrading a bathroom or how bathroom remodeling can improve the value of the home. 

Benefits of Home Bathroom Remodeling 

Increased Resale Value

The most important reason homeowners prefer upgrading their bathrooms is to increase the resale value of the house. The average ROI of a bathroom upgrade is around 70 to 75 percent. The upgrades not only just boost the value of the home but also help you attract buyers (if you intend to sell).

Improved Functionality

Keep in mind that the bathroom is one of the most frequently used spaces any home has. If it doesn’t meet the dweller’s needs due to poor floor plans or outdated appliances, it can affect their lifestyle in numerous ways. That is why it is crucial to update these two areas especially if you want to prepare the house for sale. 

If you don’t know what updates are important to renovate the house, all you need is to contact the professionals to get the job done.

Meet the Needs of Dwellers

Most of the time the current bathrooms in the house don’t fit the needs of the modern lifestyle. Upgrading the bathroom according to modern living standards is essential to accommodate the needs of the homeowners. For instance, the use of modern appliances and quality bathtubs can improve the functionality of the bathroom. 

Increased Water Savings

You might not have thought about this benefit. Everyone wants to live in a house that can save thousands of dollars on the water bill.

A shower remodel may set you back initially; however, it recoups your investment when you sell the house. Savvy home buyers consider upgraded and modern bathrooms a beneficial component that lowers the water bull they will receive each month.

New showers, toilets, and sink faucets use up to 30 to 40 percent less water without compromising quality. As these monthly savings add up over the period, they can be one of the great selling points for your property

Improved Living Space

Even small changes like adding modern cabinetry can increase the space while adding to your home value. As per the latest stats of HGTV, property sellers who upgrade bathrooms may recoup more than 75 percent of the investment at the time of property sale.

Similarly, lighting, unique faucets, and custom seating in bathrooms can also improve the spaces and make your house more desirable and appealing.

They are not only the greatest assets but also can be the return on investment for overall renovation. From upgrading faucets to color scheme to cabinetry, renovating the bathroom adds significant value to your home.

Suit Style of the Home Buyer 

Rarely do buyers move into a new house and find everything they had hoped for in the bathroom. Be it appliances and finishes, there are things they like to have in the bathroom to suit their personal style.

This is where the role of upgrading the bathrooms comes into play to not only obtain the most value but also make a home the desired space. By remodeling the bathrooms of your property, you can make the space more livable and desirable.

Elevated Lifestyle

The bathrooms in the house should be the space to relax and luxuriate. If you’re planning to sell your house and the current condition of your bathrooms is cramped, they will not make an impression on the potential buyers.

You can make small updates such as adding a showerhead or modern bathtub to create an elevated spa-like feel without spending a fortune. 

Summing Up 

The more your property entails a homely vibe, the better the overall value it will have. Incorporating smart upgrades into bathrooms can significantly impact the value of the house. Thus, you should work with the professionals to avoid the hassles of remodeling your house and make upgrades that can maximize profits.

Written by Rida Sheppard