Are People Judging Your Book By Its Cover?

It’s something we’ve all heard growing up: never judge a book by its cover. And there are good reasons for that, as outside appearances can sometimes be deceiving. You probably heard the saying multiple times from parents, teachers, religious leaders, and other trusted adults. They had a point, but it only goes so far, because when was the last time you read a book that didn’t have any sort of cover at all?
If you walk into a bookstore, you’ll see books with every sort of cover imaginable, whether it’s a hardback mystery novel or a paperback romance. There’s a reason publishers devote so much money and time to developing good cover art. People like things that look nice.

If someone takes the time to make an appealing package, then it could also mean they took time to make the product on the inside as good as possible. A good exterior makes it more likely that you’ll take time to examine the product and look at what else it has to offer. It’s not always fair, but it makes a certain sense. For instance, if a friend tells you about a great new Italian restaurant downtown, would you rather park your car and see a decaying wooden shack or a solid brick building with a shimmering neon sign? Most people would feel more confident entering the latter restaurant. It’s the reason that companies put big money into their appearances, even updating fixtures, doors and windows every few years to keep their exterior inviting.

But that works better for inanimate objects. Obviously, people aren’t buildings, and so it’s a bit of a chicken or egg question, then, when it comes to personal appearance: Does confidence lead to projecting a more attractive outside, or does an attractive outside make a person more confident? Either way, a little self-care can go a long way towards bringing people into your orbit and ensuring they can see the person you really are.

Self-Care Equals Self-Esteem

In your day-to-day life, good hygiene goes a long way. Whether you prefer to shower at night or right after the morning alarm clock sounds, pick a routine and stick to it. If you get thrown off your daily routine, it becomes even easier to get thrown off your game completely, so don’t give in to the voice that tells you to just go ahead and go to bed without wiping off your makeup or brushing your teeth. You’ll regret it the next morning when you wake up with clogged pores and the bitter taste of despair in your mouth. You want to start each day feeling hopeful, not icky.

Don’t try to get away without flossing, either. It’s not enough just to brush. You may think you’re getting away with something, but you’ll almost certainly be proven wrong once you go to the dentist. If you aren’t flossing, that likely means the dentist will just have to spend more time scraping away at the plaque on and between your teeth. Nobody wants to see that, including the dentist.

But even people who floss twice a day often have a lot of fear associated with heading to the dentist and climbing into that chair. It can be a uniquely vulnerable experience, which is why you’ll want a seasoned professional who knows how to treat the whole patient. A trip to the dentist should never feel like a horror show, not unless you’re watching “Little Shop of Horrors,” in which case there should also be musical numbers and a gigantic talking plant.

A good dentist will work with you, not against you, to ensure that your twice-yearly checkup goes as smoothly as possible. And if you need more extensive work, a seasoned professional will explain your options as thoroughly as possible. A cavity filling will probably never be fun, but a quality dental professional will do everything possible to make it bearable and send you on your way with a genuine smile.