Amit Bhardwaj GainBitcoin Bet Big on Bitcoin and Won

If you are like many young Indians who have been paying close attention to the Blockchain and Bitcoin topic in the country, then you know the name Amit Bhardwaj. It is important to know this name because Amit Bhardwaj has always been at the forefront of Blockchain and Bitcoin since around 2010.

It was in 2009 that a mysterious man or group going by the name Satoshi Nakamoto who created this disruptive technology Amit Bhardwaj has been fervently supporting for many years.

See, Satoshi Nakamoto and Amit Bhardwaj have similar understandings about what will bring financial freedom to people: a system that is not controlled by a trust. Nakamoto posted his white paper titled Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System in November of 2008. Though Nakamoto’s white paper is only about nine pages long, it strictly clarifies what the purpose is behind Nakamoto’s creation. Later in this article, we will share Amit Bhardwaj’s own white paper.

Who Is Amit Bhardwaj and Why Has He Supported Bitcoin

Amit Bhardwaj, CEO of GainBitcoin, has been involved in Blockchain and Bitcoin, among other cryptocurrencies, since around the year 2010. But where did this all begin? That’s a good question. Amit Bhardwaj first graduated from MGM College of Engineering in 2004. After graduating from college, Amit Bhardwaj worked in IT at a few tech companies before discovering Blockchain and Bitcoin. In his own words, “Blockchain and Bitcoin kept him up at night.”

It was in 2013 that Amit Bhardwaj decided to do something about it and launched his first startup, HighKart. In India, back then, this was something revolutionary. This was not revolutionary simply because it was the first online marketplace, but because it was one of the few, if not the first, who accepted Bitcoin.

When Amit Bhardwaj was interviewed about HighKart, he said, “I can also hold onto the bitcoin and wait for the valuation increase and still make money out of it, which is not possible with the fiat currency.” Amit Bhardwaj also added:

“In the Indian ecosystem, bitcoin is still just a holding asset – this is not going to help the Indian bitcoin community to grow.

If you want to make it a sustainable currency in the longer run, then there should be an intrinsic value to the currency. And that comes when you start using that currency.”

Back in 2013, when HighKart was just starting out, India was considered a place for growth and opportunity for Blockchain and Bitcoin. This would be big for the cryptocurrency seeing that India is the second largest country by population in the world. Amit Bhardwaj recognised this almost five years ago in a time when there were some who were strictly against its use. Amit Bhardwaj said, “Bitcoin payment is still a nascent and developing platform, we want to help pioneer its use in one of the world’s biggest consumer market.”

While Amit Bhardwaj was wise enough to take advantage of the opportunity at hand, India’s central bank had issued warnings on dealing with cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. They were claiming that it was potentially used for criminal enterprises and its price greatly unstable.

The Indian government had even conducted some raids on businesses who were dealing and trading in Bitcoin, which had many other businesses scared to deal with the digital currency. This had a lot to do with the slow growth of the use of Bitcoin in the country. But smart business men like Amit Bhardwaj continued to see great opportunities and kept dealing with Bitcoin.

What Else Has Amit Bhardwaj Done for Bitcoin

After Amit Bhardwaj, founder of GainBitcoin, saw success with HighKart, he shut it down and started investing in some of the very first startups to start dealing and trading in cryptocurrencies. Some of these revolutionary startups that Amit Bhardwaj believed in are 1Hash, Rock Miner, Air Selfie, Alpha Point, and AirBitz.

Amit Bhardwaj has stated, “Expansion has been the only logical option.” And Amit Bhardwaj is correct. The best way to expand quickly is do the good thing and invest in as many startups as possible in order to take over the game.

GBMiners is yet another amazingly successful startup that Amit Bhardwaj has dealt his kind hand helping.

The entire GBMiners startup came to life because Amit Bhardwaj met with very like minded and equally driven people. GBMiners is a cryptocurrency mining startup. It mined its first block in 2016. Since that first block, GBMiners has seen a sharp increase in profits with Amit Bhardwaj behind the helm. GBMiners is now the only company in India in the world wide Bitcoin mining network that owns over five percent of the overall hashing power and has the rate to prove it – roughly 86.62 PH/s.

When Amit Bhardwaj closed HighKart, he had this to say, “When I started HighKart in 2013, the bitcoin space was very small and nobody was ready to listen to the concept. That’s when I realised that people were using bitcoins as a commodity for investment and not as a transaction mechanism. We stopped HighKart and we ventured into the mining space.”

Amit Bhardwaj and His Great Works of Literature

Amit Bhardwaj didn’t stop at just doing business. He has been lauded as being one of the best and most inspiring speakers in India at any conference that was dealing with Blockchain and Bitcoin. Maybe that is why India has become so ready as of late to accept it. And maybe that is why others have been against him as well. People dislike when others experience success. But it has never stopped him.

Amit Bhardwaj’s most renowned books to date are Cryptocurrency for Beginners, which gained a huge readership and popularity, even among the wealthy and famous. Amit Bhardwaj’s other masterpieces are Cryptocurrency Trading for Beginners and Cryptocurrency Mining for Beginners.

All of Amit Bhardwaj’s books are meant to simplify all the aspects of Blockchain, Bitcoin, and all the other cryptocurrencies that are being dealt and trading around the world.