6 New Ways to Get More Instagram Followers in 2018

Instagram means your shortcut to getting famous. Yes, you heard it right! You have exceptional skills, post your shot on Instagram or be creative do something very innovative with photos, like sending a social message, tell a story, etc. and get famous.

But getting famous here on Instagram means you need to get more likes and followers on your page. More followers results in more people are watching you, and you become known.

So here are six ways that you can use to get more followers on Instagram:

1. Generate more engagement posts:

When your existing followers keep coming back to you, it kind of pushes your Instagram algorithm higher making your post visible to more people. So try to engage your current followers in your post by asking for the review on it in your comment section. They can like it or dislike it and appreciate both. Secondly, add a like button like a heart to your post. Play a little game to find the like button and hit it. By doing so, your followers will be engaged for the longest time in your post.

2. Question/ answer post:

Yes, Instagram is not typically a forum for questions or answers, but you can bring one up by posting something intriguing. Like a photo that questions and ask for answers in the comment. You can also ask people to ask you so that you can answer them back which is one of the best ways to generate the more real following on Instagram.

3. Use of intelligent hashtag:

Hashtags are essential for your post. So when you post on Instagram, your photos are visible to only those following you at present. But when you use appropriate and famous hashtags, you post will be available to those looking for that hashtags as well.

4. Hashtags in different languages:

Instagram has brought the world wrapped up to you. So use it get attention from all over the world. You can use hashtags in foreign languages to attract people from different countries. Remember the more people visit your post, the more you engage resulting in more followers.

5. Follow to be followed:

It’s the same as help to be helped. So when you like, follow or comment on another post frequently, you will notice how often the favor is returned which will help you generate more followers. But remember three is the key. You must like or follow at least three posts of each poster to get back the favor.

6. Share others posts:

You can also share photos of other people with your friends or followers with a hashtag that you love or know they will love. Use useful hashtags like event reminders, childhood memories, or reminder of any college crushes. Such personal hashtags to others post to gain attention from followers. They will inevitably look up to you to know more. Do more the number of people looking up for you, more followers you get.

Well, hope their methods of getting follower help you, if not you can also try to buy Instagram followers and it is now a growing trend in itself.