3 Ways to Make The Most of Your Trip to London with Tech

Planning on spending your vacation by exploring the historical city of London? You may want to keep your mobile phone along with your stuff considering the fact that it can prove to be a very handy device on your trip to London. The technological revolution of the past decades has led to the development of such amazing gadgets that are simply going to double the fun of your trip to London. Out of the many unique things to do in London, one is to make the most use of the technological facilities at hand. You are never alone in the company of technology as it can take you anywhere you want, at any time you want. Whether it is online booking of plane tickets and hotel rooms or on-spot location search and capturing the moments- technology plays an essential role in all. By infusing a touch of technological smartness in your trip to London, you are all set for a timeless travel experience of your life which will give you gems of memories to reminisce about later on. All you need to have is a working smartphone and a solid network which you can rely upon at the time of need.

Here are some of the ways in which the tech-tricks can help you in making the most of your trip to the beautiful city of London

1. Use a VPN to save money

Once you have decided to take a trip to London, the next thing to do is to book plane tickets and look for a place to stay. There are a number of hotels and inns in London, some of which offer special discounts on room bookings for foreigners coming from specific locations. In order to mask your actual location and use one of the hotel enlisted locations for a discount, you can make use of a VPN service. Since most of the hotel bookings are done through online websites, it is very easy to change your IP address. You can change IP location with VPN and disguise your actual location with that of any other country. In this case, the IP address of Africa and United States can give you huge price cuts on hotel bookings as booking from these countries are made at low costs. Simply install a VPN service provider on your phone, usually, an app, select the IP address of the mentioned locations and you are good to treat yourself on a discounted hotel booking.

2. Use Google Map to help with walking tours

In London, apart from sightseeing, walking tours can help you discover the city from a closer perspective. The streets of London hold centuries worth of history of unique proceedings and memoirs of lost heroes of the past. Although the streets of London can seem highly welcoming to the tourists, they are often no less than a maze. In order to avoid getting stuck in the web of London streets, use Google Map on your phone. Google Map will not only help you navigate the streets towards the actual location of interest but also help in finding suitable spots for eating your favorite food and discovering London.

3. Use online transit services to access cheap transport

The traditional cab services have long been replaced by online transit service providers due to the recent explosion in technological advancement. From dry cleaning to hiring a car, everything has become online in London. Instead of taking the expensive cabs, you can make use of the local online transit services. These online transit services not only eliminate the limitations of time and place but also offer low fare rates.

Your trip to London has to be one of the most memorable things you ever experience in your life and the above-mentioned tech-tricks can help you in achieving this goal.