5 Tips to Make Moving with Kids Much Easier

Everyone knows that moving is stressful and when you add kids to the mix, you can easily multiply the stress by ten times. Most people don’t even think about moving for this reason because they are afraid of the breakdowns and tantrums it would cause and the ordeal of the move itself. However, there are circumstances where you don’t have any other option or you do really want to move. So, what can moms do to make moving with kids easier? Here are some simple and great tips that every mother will find useful when facing the prospect of moving with children:

Inform your kids at least a month before

A lot of mothers decide not to tell their kids because they don’t want to deal with the arguments and tantrums that will follow. But, doing so will only delay the inevitable. As a matter of fact, it can even make it worse. Your kids need time to adjust to the idea of moving to a new place and you cannot spring it up on them a few days before it happens. It is recommended that you tell them at least a month in advance. This gives them enough time to say goodbye to their friends and other activities and not enough for them to think too deeply about the repercussions of the move.

Let your kids participate in the moving process

One way to take your kids minds’ off of moving is to get them involved in the process. Not only will it keep them occupied, it can also be a source of excitement as they get to think about the room they will get and how they will decorate it. You can also involve them in the decision making process related to the move as this gives them a degree of control and takes away the feeling of powerlessness that can often cause breakdowns.

Get rid of the junk

Another project that you can give to your kids is to talk to them about getting rid of the junk they have accumulated over the years. Think about having a garage sale where all family members can sell off things they no longer need or don’t wish to take with them. Again, this activity will keep your children busy, which means out of your hair.

Look for professional movers and childcare

Every mother should think about hiring a professional moving company to make the task easier. No, it doesn’t have to be very expensive as there are services such as Movegreen.com that provide excellent moving services at reasonable rates. They will deal with the hassle of packing up and physically moving your stuff, leaving you to focus on other things. You can also keep your kids occupied with babysitters, childcare services, friends or family members who can distract them.

Make things fun

A very great tip for mothers who are moving with kids is to let your children have a party. Organize a big bash where they can invite all their friends and have fun. This makes it easier for them to say goodbye and also gives them the opportunity of creating a beautiful memory. Initially, they might feel a bit upset when they realize it is the last party they will have with their friends for a while, but you can make it as fun as possible to keep them from thinking too much.

Last, but not the least, you need to stay positive because your kids will be taking the lead from you. Don’t show any signs of angst or stress and your kids will follow suit.