5 Things You Can Do with Your Old Furniture

Do you have old furniture you no longer use scattered all over your garage, basement, or your home? You might think that it’s easy to get rid of old furniture until you actually try to do it. You can get a headache just trying to come up with ways to free your home from clutter, and the idea of making a huge bonfire in your garden seems more appealing every day. Luckily, there are less painful (not to mention more legal) ways to get rid of furniture you no longer use or need. Here are a few ideas for clearing out your home without having to go through too much trouble.

Donate it

All over the country, there are people who don’t have means to go out and buy furniture. If you decide to donate your furniture to charity, you will be doing a good deed, and you will ensure that other people, families, and children, get a chance to live a more comfortable life.

Pick a local charity, state, or a national one, contact them and explain that you’d like to donate some of your old furniture. Churches, the Salvation Army, the Red Cross, or a senior citizen center could use all the help they could get, and they will make sure that the pieces you donated get redistributed in the community and get to people who experienced a tragedy.

Sell it

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, or so they say. If you no longer need your old coffee tables, vanities, and rocking chair, there might be people willing to buy them from you. This is a great chance to make some profit and help people get the furniture they like.

Luckily, there are many places online where you can go in order to buy, sell or trade unwanted furniture. Craigslist is the most popular one, but there are also eBay, Freecycle, FleaPop, Furnishly, Chairish, and many more.

Give it to local theatre

Just because your old furniture doesn’t look good in your home, it doesn’t mean that it won’t fit anywhere else. Perhaps you can help your local theatre by donating your old bed, coffee tables, couch, and armchairs which they can use in one of their plays. Who knows, perhaps your old furniture will look great on a stage. Even if it’s broken down, some theater productions will be able to use it in their stage shows.

Restore it

If you have a lovely vintage pieces which you grandma bough with love and cherished for decades, it would be a real shame to simply throw it away. If the pieces are still good (old furniture is usually of very high quality), but worn down and stained, you can have them professionally restored, or you can even restore them yourself.

Plenty of pieces can be stripped down and redone so you get a modern look of an old piece of furniture. Use simple spray paint to give a new life to your old brass chandelier, sand off the old finish of that antique bookshelf and stain it, add new cushions to old couches, and new knobs on old doors and you will see how much different but yet the same the pieces look.

Store it

Sometimes, there are pieces you simply cannot force yourself to get rid of, but there’s simply no room in the house. Pieces you bought on the flea market, antique pieces that just don’t fit in, old sofas, mirrors, and armchairs that no longer look good in your home because they’re a bit outdated will all continue to crowd your home until you move them.

You might not know it at the moment but you still could use your old furniture at a certain time so you can store it in specialized furniture storage facilities until such time comes that you can use it again

You don’t have to come up with creative solutions such as piling up your old furniture in the backyard and waiting for the next tornado to take it away. There are plenty of better options for clearing out the clutter in your home, and most of these things don’t require much money or time on your part. You can easily keep both your home and the environment clean and still get rid of unnecessary pieces.