iPhone Parental Monitoring: How to Control Which Features Your Teen Is Using

Tremendous increase of internet technology has made us very easy in all fields. However, it has its own drawbacks in case of misuse. Teens and kids are also interacting online and they love to use internet based services such as social media, YouTube, DailyMotion, Games and others. With the release of Smartphone, it has become very easy for the teens and kids to access whatever they want. It has created privacy issues for the parents. Do you want to avoid the misuse of latest technologies?

Utilize parental control with attention:

This is an amazing option for the parents to control the activities of their kids. Parental control is a feature present in latest devices including laptops, PCs and Smartphones including iPhone. This feature enables the parents to restrict the internet based activities of other users. You are suggested to check the best iphone parental monitoring application in order to make the things easier to control. What options should be present in a parental control application? Let’s check the important features to control.

Call history:

It would be great if you can see the call logs maintained by teens at your home. Our system helps the parents to monitor following things in call history feature.

  • Call details.
  • Date and time.
  • Duration of a conversation.
  • Record of incoming and outgoing calls.

Parents can ensure the safety of their kids from the dangers of digital world using this amazing feature. It would be easy to discuss the issues with kids if there is something wrong (showing longer conversations).

Monitor the text messages:

Tracking SMS, MMS and iMessages is very important. Teens are using these technologies commonly to communicate with their friends and strangers. Some teens delete these things after completing the conversations. It is very easy to recover the record of SMS, MMS and iMessages even if these were deleted immediately.

Social activities and locations:

Whether it is online or offline, it is necessary to monitor the activities of teens. This can be done using parental control. Download or purchase the best monitoring systems to learn about social sharing, posting and movements. It also helps to see where they go most often and to whom they meet.

Try to keep it secret:

It is necessary to utilize a service or application which works efficiently. Your kids should not learn about spying efforts. It would be great to utilize an app which is enough to keep the parental control checks hidden. This would ensure that you will receive the absolute information about the activities of your kids.

Valuable features to monitor:

Parents are recommended to see following features when using such systems.

  • Address books (iPhone or Emails).
  • WhatsApp or Imo.
  • Apps installed by the teens (PlayStore).
  • Reminders and Calendars.
  • Web searches and bookmarks.

Make sure that you receive regular updates about these five important features. This would help you to guide the teens or kids in an easy way to give them great moral values.