5 Reasons Why Employee Engagement Is So Important

Do you want your employees to do more? To go the extra mile? To refer your company to their friends and family? Then you need engaged employees. Engaged employees are committed to the company and its success – they have a huge impact on the bottom line. When employees are engaged, they’re more productive, loyal and offer the best customer service.

Still not convinced engaged employees can lead to your company’s success? We list five reasons that say otherwise.

5 Reasons Why is Employee Engagement So Important:

1. Boost productivity. Research shows that devoted employees are much more productive than ones who aren’t. Additionally, a Gallup poll found that engaged employees are 21% more productive than their less engaged coworkers.

Ann Latham explained it best in Forbes, “Engagement is, at best, a symptom of success. Employees who are succeeding and feeling good about their contributions to your company are naturally more likely to be proud to work for your company, be happy to come to work each day, and feel valued.”

2. Attract & retain top talent. Here’s the scary reason you might have a high turnover rate, your employees just aren’t engaged enough. Engaged employees are far more invested in their roles and are less likely to want to leave their job. However, you might find that your best employees aren’t engaged and there’s a huge risk that you could lose them. Keeping your best people engaged is crucial – it keeps them at your company doing what they do what best.

If your company is faced with high turnover rates, you need to figure out why your employees aren’t engaged. And fast. When your best employees leave, everyone notices and the last thing you want is a domino effect.

3. Connected workforce. Your employees want to be part of the big picture. They’re looking for a work setting where they are connected and in sync with the company culture. How’s this attainable? Through communication, transparency and encouraging employee feedback. Additionally, this connected feeling allows for a healthy dialogue between co-workers, in and out of the office. When employees are connected to the company and to their co-workers, they are more loyal to the company and its goals.

4. Better customer satisfaction. Employees who are happy, loyal and passionate about their job interact with customers much better than those who aren’t. And your customers notice. When employees go above and beyond for customers and are valued by the company, they’re more likely to consistently deliver a better customer experience which leads to better satisfaction.

By engaging employees, you find that they are “more inclined to put in the effort that translates into buzzing productivity levels, a happier sales force, and a more credible product pitch.” Ergo, your customers are exposed to a better experience when your employees are engaged.

5. Better management. Effective management leads to engaged employees, it’s no secret that managers hold the power to make or break employee engagement. Managers who are invested in their employees and really know them can boost productivity and revenue. Issue monthly surveys to better understand how effective your managers actually are and act when issues are raised.

Author Leigh Branam said, “Employees in too many companies look at their senior executives and see self-interested, short-term focused, ego-driven greed.” That’s why employees disengage and don’t support management. Even worse, they won’t work for the company goals. If managers aren’t supported by their employees, the company won’t be able to retain employees and will struggle to grow.

By understanding why employee engagement is important and what practices are the most beneficial to do so, you can create a more motivated, high-performing team. Create an open culture, be transparent and let employees thrive to retrain top performers. Those are just a few actions you can start today to make your company the best place to work.

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