How can I prevent my hemorrhoids from getting worse?

Hemorrhoids or piles is a very common disease these days. Because of the unhealthy lifestyle, insufficient intake of water and lack of fiber in the diet, the number of patients diagnosed with piles are rapidly increasing. There are several reasons for it. The most important one is that people fail to take a sufficient amount of fiber in their daily life. Taking less or no fiber and not drinking sufficient amount of water each day hinders the natural digestive system. The patient faces difficulty in the formation of normal stool. The stool, in such cases, is very hard and causes pain and a lot of inconvenience at the time of bowel movements.

There is no evident natural home remedy or cure that helps get rid of piles. Only in the initial cases of piles being diagnosed, the disease can be cured with a healthy, fiber-rich diet along with a lot of intake of water. But after the initial stages have passed, nothing except laser piles surgery is the cure. There are some things that can prevent the piles from getting worse. Read the article below to find out more about how can piles be prevented from getting worse.

1. Increasing the intake of fiber can help to improve the condition of the patient with piles. A lot of fiber should be taken for that by the patient. A sufficient amount of fiber in the diet helps information of soft stool and makes it easy for the body to pass stool. Food items such as beans, cereals, whole grain bread, vegetables, fruits such as pineapple, etc are really helpful for the patient with piles. Such food items prevent the formation of hard stool and also do not let the gas form or give any constipation to the patient.

2. Patients with piles are suggested to drink a lot of water and keep themselves hydrated all the time. The patient can also take in healthy or natural fluids which may further help I steady passage of stool during bowel movements.

3. Patient with piles should avoid sitting for constant hours. This can further create more pressure on the veins inside and around the anus, anal opening and all over the pelvic area. A person with hemorrhoids should remain physically active so that the muscles and veins try to get back to their natural condition, shape, and position. A brisk walk is suggested by doctors to patients with hemorrhoids.  

4. Patient with piles should breathe in a healthy manner. It helps regulate blood pressure and keeps the patient comfortable. Also, when a person holds their breath, unknowingly, they have put a lot of pressure that goes away towards the anus and anal opening. Such a condition, if occurring repeatedly can further complicate the condition of piles.

What are the permanent solutions for piles?

There are many home remedies and theories that help to get relief from piles. There are some antibiotics available that help the piles from increasing. But these remedies can only provide a temporary solution. Laser surgery for piles is the permanent cure for piles. Patients with piles should waste no more time of theirs and get instant and permanent relief from piles by getting the laser piles surgery.