How Millennials are Transforming the Wedding Industry

Weddings are steeped in traditions that were passed down by who knows who. While they are beautiful celebrations of the union of two people, as the times have changed, weddings have, too — and some traditions are considered outdated. Millennials are one generation, in particular, that has gone their own way, and they’re causing a transformation in the wedding industry.

What is it that Millennials are doing that’s shaking things up?

They’re Breaking with Tradition

Weddings are full of tradition, like “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” No seeing the bride in her dress before the wedding. White wedding dresses. Weddings inside of a church with a reception following after. Wedding party lines at the reception. Cake cutting. The list goes on and on.

While some couples choose to uphold certain traditions, more and more are straying and only incorporating one or two traditions, if they incorporate any at all. Some couples feel that the standard traditions are old and outdated, and others simply want to make their wedding their own.

It has become more common for couples do to photo shoots in their wedding attire days, weeks, or even months before the wedding date – breaking the “no seeing the bride in her dress…” rule. Colored dresses have been trending, breaking away from the white wedding standard. Some couples even choose to host the reception or open house before the wedding day, but some don’t even have one at all.

They’re Getting more Personal

In the break with tradition, Millennial couples are getting the chance to make their weddings more personal. For example, more brides are looking for bridal gown options that are made to fit their unique body types and styles. Options like Azazie’s custom-sized gowns give brides the chance to reflect their personal styles and wear a gown that accentuates their unique beauty. Couples are choosing to get rings with colored gemstones as opposed to a more traditional diamond. Some couples are even shopping at antique stores and pawn shops to find old, unique, one-of-a-kind rings to set themselves apart.

Have you ever heard of a whimsical wedding theme? Rather than sticking to rose bouquets, white dresses, black tuxes, and uniform seating, couples are getting whimsical and planning their wedding to be as unique as them. Some incorporate ridiculously oversized flowers while others arrange their seating in a giant spiral. Venues, decorations, and even the refreshments are whimsical.

Couples are taking their favorite things, their passions, and using them as themes for the weddings as well. Some couples choose to get married on Halloween and host their wedding as a costume party. Others choose to incorporate all things Harry Potter. Whatever it is that they feel expresses them, they’re taking that and running with it, making their wedding quite personal and customized.

They’re Planning on Their Own

Planning a wedding is quite the undertaking, and many couples turned to professional wedding planners to help them get their event under control and keep everything running smoothly. Back in the day, wedding planning was a great business to get into, and although it can still be quite lucrative, many couples are enlisting the help of family and friends and planning their weddings on their own.

This may be thanks, in part, to Pinterest, since it made it so much easier to get ideas, save them for later, and then get the exact shoes, decorations, flowers, or what have you online in less time than it would take to custom order them from a local shop. Planning their own weddings also lets couples make sure that their wedding is personalized to them, exactly what they want it to be, and something that is their very own.

They’re Taking Full Advantage of Technology

Millennials are unique in that their generation grew up and experienced life both with and without technology. They’ve experienced both worlds, and while one may be simpler and have its benefits, the one with technology is much more convenient and has so many more capabilities.

Rather than just hiring a photographer to take a few photos, couples are hiring DJs, videographers, renting out photo booths, and so much more. They’re taking full advantage of the technology that’s available these days and incorporating it into their wedding in a number of ways.

For example, through technology, they’re getting unique and creative shots of their big day and can have those shots developed or posted almost immediately.

They’re Waiting until They’re Older

In 1980, the average age of a groom was 24.7 and bride was 22. As of 2015, the average age of a groom was 29.2 and bride was 27.1, indicating that younger generations are waiting until they’re older before they choose to tie the knot. People could speculate about all of the reasons for the increase in age (and they have), but one way or another, Millennials are choosing to wait.

As people age and grow up, they tend to want different things than they did as a teenager and young adult. The same goes for couples engaged to be married. When she was younger, the bride may have wanted a huge wedding, but since she waited for the perfect groom and a more mature age before getting hitched, she and her groom may decide they would rather elope.

From tossing tradition out the window to waiting until they’re good and ready to tie the knot, Millennials have definitely shifted and transformed the wedding industry and the way things work.

When you got married, what’s the main tradition you kept and what one did you completely break? If you’re getting married soon, what’s one you plan to keep and what’s the biggest one you plan to break?