5 Interesting Ways to Make a Living Out of Instagram Today

If there is anything considered to be a universal truth these days is the fact that over the span of these last five years is the rise of unconventional methods of making a living, like being a blogger, a YouTuber, a professional gamer, and, why not, an Instagrammer. These new “careers”, and I quote it between commas as there isn’t a university that certifies your degree as a YouTuber yet, offer mainly three aspects:

• A near feeling of freedom – though many freelancers would object at that point

• The possibility of meeting a large number of people from different places of the world

• Financial stability

Yes, as you read, financial stability. How could that be possible if we talk about, technically, being a freelancer over massive media content platforms, with the perks it implies over keeping your audience engaged on what you have to offer? There are many reasons why this fact becomes a reality, so we are going to explore the following exciting reasons to make a living out of Instagram these days.

1. It’s all about expectations

There is no clear roof on what you can reach with multimedia content and social platforms to date. We constantly see people going viral for the most unbelievable reasons that could exist, yet nothing seems to amaze us to the extent of refraining us from such entertainment activities.

Instead of chasing the 7th cloud, start tracing an effective business plan, and commit to it. If your aim is to become a star Instagrammer, then you need to learn from the best: engage in photography as a professional, train yourself on social media, find a niche and perfect it. Many courses to take to reach your personal destination.

2. Do you love to travel? Good news!

Most of the people making an income out of Instagram happen to be travel photographers. These people, with an acute ideal over balancing financials and pleasure, broadcast their lives to their millions of followers. With the proper marketing strategy, those followers and likes translate into dollars, not to mention sponsors – there you take your path towards financial independence!

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

3. Using Instagram to boost your business

There is a reason why we see so many advertisements and profiles entirely dedicated to promo products and services. Social Media Marketers acknowledge the power of Instagram as a tool of massive engagement, thus seeking a leading role among users becomes crucial for establishing your position against your potential competitors.

Putting aside those profiles with guaranteed quantity of followers (like GoPro, celebrities, football stars, and other global leading brands), marketing professionals do an amazing job in building compelling strategies for boosting a business chance of setting its path towards success.

4. Using Instagram to showcase your portfolio

Let’s not forget what this is all about: photography. Despite being an open platform, Instagram primary goal keeps being the sole place in which photographers or photography lovers can express their thoughts. Of course, many professionals seek the services of communities like 500px or Flickr to protect their work as, since it’s widely known, there are ways to download Instagram photos without the owner even being aware; however, Instagram keeps becoming one of the most used tools to promo your skills as a photography artist by sharing some of the content you produce for your work.

Using tools like Buffer makes the job way easier, as we can write the captions we want and upload both photographs and videos without compromising quality as what some apps savagely do.

5. Become an Instagram star

Finally, if you still have doubts over if a talent is required to make an income on this social media platform, think about all the people whose life has become a media entertainment due to a video shared at the proper moment, a photograph or just because they have that “extra spark” that can attract the interest of users.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

Many people have become InstaStars by sharing with people their lifestyle, or their abilities, like the gifted artist Heather Rooney.

By the end of the day, probably most people wonder how to break their 9-to-5 routine at the office; here Instagram steps up as a viable alternative for those brave enough to venture in an exciting uncertainty.