5 Healthy Recipes to Get You to Drink Water

When deciding what to drink for the day, it may be tempting to indulge in those sugary sodas and colored fruit juices, but all that glucose and artificial flavorings don’t do your health any favors. Water is your best source of hydration and is essential for healthy body functions. 

Water is what delivers necessary hydration and oxygen throughout our bodies. Water is calorie-free, neutral pH, and may have minerals and nutrients to support our immune systems. However, the bland taste of water is not appealing for a lot of people, especially children who prefer sweet-tasting drinks over water. 

If you or your child find it difficult to keep your hydration level up throughout the day, consider these 5 healthy infused-water recipes that will get you to drink more water. These recipes use fruit and herbs for a healthy drink, and take note of the best bottled water brands when choosing your water base! 

1. Vitamin C Boost – Orange, Lime, Lemon, and Grapefruit

Orange, lime, lemon, and grapefruit are all part of the citrus family, provide fun, tart flavors, and are chock full of vitamin C that is great for an immunity boost! Toss together slices of orange, some lime wedges, lemon juice, and grapefruit slices in a large pitcher of water. Let the fruits infuse for a couple of hours. 

Drink up the vitamin C-infused water, and feel your immune system strengthening! This infused water recipe is best drunk within the day, as vitamin C tends to break down over time, and the citrus rinds may make the water bitter when steeped too long. For additional sweetness, add some honey to the water instead of sugar.

2. Morning Energizer – Apple, Honey, Mint

Apple, honey, and mint creates a wonderful and indulgent infusion that tastes like ambrosia to wake up your senses. The refreshing coolness of mint, coupled with the sweetness of honey and the crisp flavor of apples, revitalizes you better than any caffeinated coffee or tea! Drink this infused water instead of coffee, and power up your day.

Slice the cored apple thinly, and place the slices – skin and all, into a pitcher of water. Add some honey and sprigs of muddled mint, and let the flavors infuse overnight. The next morning, you’ll have a ready-to-drink energizer and hydration that will get you up and running throughout the day! Create a convenient grab-and-go version using bottled water, too.

3. Tropical Punch – Passionfruit, Orange, Pineapple

For a drink that’s reminiscent of your favorite childhood drink, mix together passion fruit, orange slices, and pineapple chunks into your water to create a refreshing tropical punch. Go on an island getaway from the comfort of your home as you take a sip of this summer-y drink through the day, and keep on hydrating yourself! 

Plus, oranges, passion fruits, and pineapples are full of vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants that improve your bodily functions, and keep your gut healthy! Drink up, and feel the island vibes! Add cherries for an extra flavor boost, or strawberries for that signature red tropical punch color! 

4. Forest Fruits – Strawberry, Blackberry, Blueberry, Raspberry

What do forest berries have in common? They’re all full of antioxidants that keep our bodies healthy and remove the toxins that we’ve accumulated from eating unhealthy food and from the stress of everyday work. Slice the berries into small pieces, and let them steep in your water overnight. They should have a slightly purple color that will make you stop your juice cravings!

For flavored refreshment on the go, prepare bottled water, and mix your fruits in a separate bowl. Add an appropriate amount of fruit mix in each bottle, and let them steep. You’ll have “juice” bottles for drinking any time of the day, and your kids will love the fun, fruity flavors without all that unhealthy processed sugar! 

5. Cooling Water – Cucumber, Mint, Apple

This recipe is best drunk during the hot, summer months. Cucumber has a cooling effect that lowers your body temperature, while mint gives an icy feel to the beverage. Apple slices provide a crisp, sweet flavor that locks in the flavors together. Slice up your ingredients, and let them steep into your water.

This cooling water is perfect for hydrating after sports, swimming, or any summer activity! Serve these up to your kids for their summer barbeques instead of those sugary lemonades, and keep the fun going with this cooling water!

Written by Rida Sheppard