The Trials and Tribulations of a Non GOT Watcher

I am going to ease you into it. Lest you gasp in horror, kick your chair and topple right off it.

There’s this popular series with a lot of characters that has endeared itself to a huge part of the world populace. From what I have gathered from social media, the characters have sketchy or no morals, a penchant for bloody and drawn out killings and really young women. If you are having a particularly slow day, I am talking about Game of Thrones. And what it’s like being the only one that doesn’t watch it.

There. I said it. I don’t watch it. That’s a weight off my chest.

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Of Wallflowers at Parties

First off, let me tell you this. You are a wallflower at a party where people are talking about this show. It starts off with someone going “Have you watched the latest episode?” And apparently everyone who watches it, gets what they are talking about. Then, there are gasps about the plot line, there’s usually one woman who swoons over one of the characters and professes undying love for him and someone who threatens to reveal a spoiler (later found murdered in the bathroom) and in general, people stop being friends with me.

While these people are engaged in this zealous conversation, I drink all the alcohol, strip naked and make some real suggestive moves on the dance floor and later, finish all the dessert. No one notices.

Navigating social situations is a lot of avoiding of GoT fans – mainly by ducking into a toilet nearby or blending into the furniture. These are perfectly nice people, just not when they are talking about the show. And the girl with the cleavage-revealing top has never been nice, really. Why avoid them? Because invariably the question arises.
“You don’t watch the show? Then, (very whiny tone) what do you do?”. At this point, I cheerfully talk about my job, my hobbies like reading and all. From their expressions, I could be talking about toe fungus. They seem extremely disappointed in me.

When #MonsoonIsComing Makes More Sense

But you know what really is not fun?

Social media. Because I don’t get Game of Thrones references.

I don’t understand why people enjoy quizzes that reveal to them what character they would be on the show. Friends share plot holes with “I can’t believe it” posts and how they had to pick their jaw from the floor. You guys go ahead collecting your jaws. I am going to be over here trying to figure out how fat I would get from eating all the food that Tasty makes.

Every time a new season starts, posts in my feed have #WinterIsComing. And I think, I know you think you are smarter than everyone else but really #MonsoonIsComing and #HopefullyVerySoon also.

Every season brings a pot full of conspiracy theories and some people have taken it upon themselves to share every theory and then discuss it in detail. I don’t even know if they’ve actual jobs or have taken this up professionally.

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I refuse to think I am uncool, okay. I may not be watching this show or indulging in a slugfest online with random strangers but I do watch good TV. Like this TV show which has a protagonist that is now a fly or a bee – not sure because he/she is green. And if that’s not good TV, I don’t know what is.

(Mansi Shah is founder of the blog Damsel in Destress which reviews experiences as varied as spas, books and plays. Mansi is, by her own admission, “clueless” at 30 with an easy penchant for humour.)