LinkedIn Wants You to Change Your Password Now!

LinkedIn has sent mails to its users asking them to reset their account password to prevent themselves from falling into data mishaps.

LinkedIn users are getting this mail. (Photo Courtesy: LinkedIn screen grab)

  • LinkedIn’s 2012 data breach is now set to have affected more than 100 million users.
    They have been asked to change their account passwords ASAP.
  • Initially it was assumed that hackers were able to compromise user credentials of over 6.5 million users, but
    those numbers are now exponentially higher than previously thought.

  • The hacker, who goes by the name “Peace,” was trying to sell the passwords on the
    dark web for 5 bitcoin, or about $2,200, according to reports.

  • The company is currently working to determine the number of users and their passwords who are now vulnerable to cyber attacks or data theft.

  • Cybersecurity experts say news like this should serve as a reminder that passwords
    should be changed frequently, ideally every few months.

(With agency inputs)