The Business Continuity Podcast, Tips for Small Businesses

Disaster recovery service provider Databarracks has launched The Business
Continuity Podcast, a straightforward, jargon-free discussion with people who
deal with disasters for a living.

The podcast will provide practical advice for IT leaders looking to secure
their businesses against disasters and IT downtime.

For small businesses without the resource for full-time business continuity
specialists on staff, business continuity planning (BCP) and disaster
recovery can seem daunting and difficult. The BCPcast brings together the
experts who manage continuity for some of the largest organisations in the
world to show the applied common sense good BCP strategies are built upon.

The BCPcast explores the shape of business continuity today, how it has
changed during the careers of the interviewees, and the ways in which they
expect it to develop over the coming years. Topics include the Millennium
Bug, Flu epidemics and terrorist attacks in addition to the more mundane,
day-to-day interruptions to operations.

Peter Groucutt, managing director of Databarracks commented: “Our aim is to
create something genuinely useful and insightful for members of the business
continuity industry but also to help share their experience and knowledge
with the wider SMB community.

“The insights and experiences of our guests will be extremely useful for
those who are looking to create a BC strategy, but are unsure of where to get

“Over the coming weeks, we will delve into the exercises and methodologies
that keep organisations like The Economist and BP secure and resilient, and
explore just how much continuity planning goes into something like the London
2012 Olympics. With suet pudding anecdotes and a story about a caterpillar in
the London Risk Register, I can promise that listeners will have plenty of
fascinating stories to take away from each episode.”

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