How to travel the world on a unicycle

Most people fancy outdoor adventure – but that is often before they are subjected to some of the world’s most remote and harsh environments. 

While conquering such terrain with a motorbike or a mountain bike is difficult enough, Canadian Kris Holm has gone one better – doing it using a unicycle.

Kris is not just any unicyclist – the 37 year old is one of the most respected personalities in off road unicycling.

He has had a long, eventful career spanning 25 years and has picked up a number of world records along the way.

Kris first rode a unicycle when he was just 12 years and his adventures have since led him to many countries including climbing the 5,950 meter volcano, Licancabur, in Bolivia.

Kris has also cycled on the Great Wall of China and climbed the 3rd highest peak in North America.

Kris can attain a top speed of 50mph on the unicycle and his mastery of the one-wheeler was evident when he finished in 3rd place at the 7-day 2010 BC Bike mountain race. This was despite competing against 499 two-wheeled competitors in the same race.

Kris has been credited with opening the door for off-road unicycling to be widely accepted by more mainstream audiences through magazines, television and film. He admits that he has had to contend with odd stares during some of his travels around the world.

One that quickly comes to mind is on a journey through Mongolia. The residents there brushed him off as a typical Westerner with “strange” ways. 

However, some believed that every Westerner – like Kris – rode a unicycle during ordinary short distance travel.

[Via Express UK]