US Secretary of State: Syrian humanitarian situation untenable

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken met in Rome with representatives of the 83-member coalition against the Islamic State (IS).

US officials have largely carried over the approach developed during the Trump administration, namely leaving US troops to indefinitely occupy oil-rich northeast Syria while economically isolating the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

The policy remains in limbo amid indirect negotiations with Iranian officials in Vienna.

A new UN vote in the Security Council is set to renew the UN mandate to deliver cross-border aid into Syria from Turkey. Russia has sought to block such aid, insisting that the Damascus government only deliver.


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Military Times

US warns that Islamic State extremists still a world threat

The coalition is hoping to stabilize areas liberated from the Islamic State, repatriate and hold foreign fighters accountable and combat extremist messaging.

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Greek City Times

Greece will continue fight for regional stability and end to ISIS: Dendias

Greece’s Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Dendias reaffirmed his government’s support in the fight against ISIS and acknowledged that although the terrorist organisation has lost territories in Syria and Iraq, “it still has access to funds which allow it to continue its terrorist activities.” Dendias made the comments to reporteres following� the meeting of Foreign Ministers?

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