Instagram requires users to enter birthdate in its efforts to protect young people

Instagram will ask users to share their birthday if they haven’t done so in the past.

The social media service says the new measure is intended to tailor the user experience based on age group and serve more relevant ads to the right users.

In March, Instagram introduced some safety measures meant to help protect children from adults with malicious intent.

It says it’s working on new AI-based systems to detect when you’re bluffing and ask you to verify your real birthday through a number of steps.

Last month, Instagram started defaulting new accounts of users under the age of 16 into private profiles.

The move is the latest step in Instagram’s broader effort to maintain a safe environment for younger users.

The service has been doing so for users who sign up since December 2019, although that’s not mandatory.

It has also introduced some features that are not available to users who don’t follow them on the platform. 

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