4 Tools Every Professional Driver Should Have on Their Smartphone

Smartphones have become a powerful tool for professional drivers over the years. But with so many different tools and applications out there, there is a good chance that you are not getting all the use you could get out of your device. Let’s go over some of the most useful tools you can have on your phone, whether you are drying for a ride-sharing app or trucking your way around the country. See if there are any of these you haven’t started using yet.

1 – Get roadside help with the press of a button

From flat tires to battery issues and tons of other potential problems, you never know when something will go wrong and leave you stranded on the side of the road. But the good news is that it has never been easier to get help while on the road. So if your truck breaks down around the Midwest, the right app will allow you to press a button and get a mobile truck repair Indianapolis professional on your location within hours.

Since most common car and truck-related problems are easy to fix on-site, there’s a good chance you’ll be ready to resume your journey within hours — if not minutes — of the mechanic reaching your location. Which also saves you the trouble of having your vehicle towed to a nearby truck stop or repair shop.

2 – Check the weather for your entire trip

While most users are familiar with regular weather report apps, as a driver it’s helpful to know a lot more than that. That’s why there are weather apps out there that use GPS data and itinerary information provided by you to show you not only the current weather but also what the weather will be like throughout your current route. That’s useful in general, but it can be extra helpful if there are sections of the road ahead that you can’t cross under heavy rain or during a fog.

3 – Keep an eye on traffic

From road jams to closed roads and other potential obstacles, there are plenty of apps dedicated to informing drivers of issues on the road long before you get there. These apps often get minute-by-minute information updates based on data collected from other drivers on the road, so it might be worth keeping one of these open on your phone at all times while you drive.

4 – Voice controls

Voice-activated commands have come a long way in the last few years. These days it’s hard to find a phone that doesn’t come packed with at least one digital assistant with voice command capabilities, and these are worth getting familiar with. After all, the more you can get done without getting your hands off the wheel, the better.

That said, reliability can be an issue when using voice commands, and no one likes having to repeat the same command over and over. If you’re having issues, consider trying another app. Getting a phone holder so the phone will be closer to you while you drive might also help with the issue.