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Why Washing Hands Has Become So Important All of a Sudden – Dr. Israel Figa Talks

So, since the dawn of the Coronavirus and the disease it causes i.e. COVID-19, there has been a lot of emphasis on washing hands. No matter where you go, what instructions you read, or what TV program you are watching, everyone is telling you to wash your hands properly. Dr. Israel Figa says he understands how frustrating this situation can be. According to him, it is as though telling adults they have to learn their ABCs before they can do what they are doing. There is nothing difficult about it but it just sounds so childish to people that they can’t believe it. 

Can a disease as horrific and dangerous as COVID-19 go away with something as simple as washing hands. Some people even believe in conspiracy theories that the biggest corporations of the world that make sanitizers and soaps have created this fake disease. Of course, more than 1,000,000 deaths around the world cannot be a part of some prank or marketing gimmick. 

The Importance of Washing Hands by Dr. Israel Figa 

Understand the Virus

Once you know the Coronavirus and how it is shaped by nature, you will know automatically why it is so important to wash your hands. So, when you do some grease work, the first thing you do after completing your task is washing your hands. Whenever you have oil on your hands, you have to get up and wash your hands. According to Dr. Israel Figa, there is a very clear and concise scientific explanation to why you should wash your hands with soap when you have oil on them. To cut a long story short, the substance in your soap dissolves oil. Water does not do that so washing hands with only water and no soap is no good when you have oil on your hands. 

Now, when we talk about the Coronavirus, it is enclosed in a small layer of fat. You can say that the constituents of this virus are packed inside a wrapping that is made out of oil or fat. If you remove this fat layer, all the components inside the packaging will disperse, hence making the virus completely useless. That’s exactly what you are doing when you wash your hands with soap. You are actually working on the outer layer of the virus that’s made out of fat. When rubbing your hands with soapy water for more than 20 seconds, you make sure that all the fatty layer of the virus has dissolved. 

Understand the Spread of the Virus

Dr. Israel Figa has been very stern about this particular issue. According to him, people have to understand that spreading this virus is easier than spreading words in this world. An infected person wipes their nose or coughs in their hands and then touches the railing of an escalator in the mall with those hands. They put the virus on that surface, and then this virus stays for many hours on that surface. Every person that touches that railing will have the virus on their hands. And when these people touch other surfaces, the virus will be on those surfaces. You can already imagine the spread of the virus and its magnitude by now. 

Now imagine the same person who is infected. If this person coughs or sneezes on their hands, and then goes in the toilet and washes their hands with soapy water, they will wash away the virus as well. Now, when they touch the railing, they will not leave the virus on it. The other people who follow will not catch the virus either. And if there are still traces of the virus on the railing, they won’t be affected when they get home and the first thing they do is wash their hands with water. 

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Understand Other Diseases 

Most of the diseases that you catch come from some surface that you touched. For example, if you have certain illness-causing bacteria on your hands, and you eat food with those hands, you will be infected and affected. This is why you have always been asked to wash your hands with water. Dr. Israel Figa says that the emphasis on washing hands is not new. He says that it has been around for many years but only now people have taken notice. It is not that you have heard about washing hands before eating for the first time. Now any germs that you have on your hands can cause some illness. 

What you don’t want in these times is weakening your immune system in any way. Dr. Israel Figa believes that COVID-19 might not do anything to you when you have a strong immune system. On the other hand, it will cause serious damage even if you are young but with a weak immune system. When you don’t want your hands, you are letting germs enter your body all the time. You might not know it but these germs are causing infections and disturbances inside your body all the time. Your immune system is meant to fight those disturbances without you even knowing about it. 

The biggest favor you can do to yourself is keeping your immune system strong, and washing your hands regularly plays a vital role in that. Just don’t let any germs enter your body and take a huge blow to your immune system, leaving you vulnerable to other conditions like COVID-19. 

Final Thoughts 

According to Dr. Israel Figa, people don’t like to be told to do things. When they have grown up, they want to do things their way. Telling them to wash their hands can be even more toxic for them because they think they are being treated like a child who knows nothing. However, people should be happy to know that a disease so dangerous can be prevented from spreading with something as benign and easy to do as washing hands. Washing hands 20 times a day is still less of a difficulty than lying in a hospital bed with a  ventilator and having trouble breathing. 

Written by Jake Gibson