What Type of Benefits Can You Get from Your Orthopedic Mattress

People generally start experiencing joints and back pains, later in their forties. Then they start taking medicines and treatments, in order to manage the pains. These old-age pains are normally associated with health disorders like arthritis, osteoporosis, bone spurs, or frozen shoulders.

Orthopedic beds are specifically designed to help people with body pains. They are very beneficial in supporting the joints, muscles, and bones. You get good relief from all types of pains, thereby enabling you to get restful sleeps.

How does an orthopedic mattress work to reduce pain?

Orthopedic beds are basically made by using special foams or springs, or both. They are quite firm and resist the bending of the mattress under body pressure. They are built with high quality materials with capacities to retain the shape easily. Many physiotherapists recommend this mattress as a great therapy to find relief from back, neck, and joint pains.

If you check out the user reviews of orthopedic mattress, you will see that thousands of people with body pains are now able to get good sleeps at nights. Many users have written about how these beds have been useful in lessening their back pains.

How does an orthopedic bed prove to be superior to a normal bed?

When you sleep on normal beds made of average quality memory foam, the spine region gradually starts losing shape, and starts becoming curved. Sometimes, the spine area on the bed becomes visibly concave. This is the main cause of all the discomforts that people experience while sleeping on such beds. On the other hand, the orthopedic beds safeguard the spine area, and simply do not sink in under pressure. They will give you good relief from back pain for many years.

Sleeping on ordinary mattresses can adversely impact the pressure points on our body. When you sleep on an orthopedic bed, it prevents your pressure points from breaking under the body pressure. This feature also eliminates any chances of hurting yourself in your sleep movements.

An orthopedic bed gives best cushioning to your body shape. The pressure is reduced from the various sensitive body parts, and it lets you sleep just like a baby, throughout the night.

Advantages of sleeping on an orthopedic bed

Effective distribution of body weight

An orthopedic bed is designed to equally distribute the weight of the body, throughout the mattress. People who used to wake up with an aching body, now wake up feeling pain-free, and totally recharged.

Helpful for people who have undergone surgeries

People who have undergone surgery are advised to start using an orthopedic bed. This mattress provides a firm surface that assists in post-surgery rehabilitation. Many people claim that they now sleep better than what they used to, before switching over from normal mattress to orthopedic beds.

Comfortable sleep for many years

Orthopedic bed is not just hard, but is also a lot more comfortable at the same time. Some mattress providers also offer orthopedic bed covers, in addition to the mattress topper. This helps in protecting the mattresses from liquid spills and damages.

Less wear and tear

Natural mattresses made from memory foam, begin to sag after a few years of usage. The rate of sagging is proportional to the extent you use it. That is why it is recommended to replace the mattresses after every three to four years of use.

Orthopedic beds are made to be firm and durable. They can easily last for 10 years before showing any symptoms of wear and tear. Their hard surface prevents any sagging, even if you sleep on them for a long time.

How to select the right orthopedic bed?

Size is very important when selecting an orthopedic bed. It should be as per your cot and room size requirements. The right size of the bed is the one that fits properly on the bed frame. This mattress type is available in queen, king, and twin sizes. The price of the mattress depends on the brand, and the type of the mattress you choose. It is important to decide on your budget, in order to find the right mattresses that are available within your spending capacity.

Types of orthopedic beds

There are four popular orthopedic mattresses available on the market. These are:

  • Coil Spring
  • Spring Mattress-min
  • Pocket Spring
  • Memory Foam


An orthopedic bed is specially designed to help you in kicking off all types of body pains effectively. Because of its enhanced body support features, it gives you the best body posture and spine alignment while sleeping. Replacing your old mattress with an orthopedic one would be a wise decision.