What Can Cosmetic Dentistry Do for You?

Tower Hill Dental cosmetic dentistry offers a wide array of options and procedures that can help to enhance your smile and they have some professional tips.

Beyond just creating a brighter smile, what can cosmetic dentistry and tools like Invisalign braces do for you? if you have the incorrect notion that cosmetic dentistry caters only to vanity and offers only superficial benefits, read on to find out the many other ways that it can help you in the long term.

Invisalign Braces

If you needed braces when you were a child but never got them, you might have some jaw and tooth troubles as an adult. Maybe your jaw clicks when you chew your food, or maybe you find yourself prone to grinding your teeth more often. While it’s never too late to get braces, many adults prefer not to have a mouth full of metal when they smile. Invisalign braces are the easiest and most cost-effective solution for this. These braces are made of a sturdy but clear plastic that can align your teeth effectively without showing any signs that you are actually wearing braces. You can get Invisalign Richmond Hill through Tower Hill Dental at a very affordable price, and they will help straighten out your smile in a matter of weeks.

Professional Whitening

Another popular and painless cosmetic dentistry procedure is teeth whitening. While home whitening kits and certain toothpastes boast the ability to brighten a person’s smile, only a professional cosmetic dentist can provide a completely efficient whitening experience that remains effective in the long term. If you have crowns, fillings, or particularly dark stains on your teeth, it becomes especially important to consult a dentist at your earliest opportunity. Professional whitening might take the form of in-office visits or whitening trays that you take home and apply yourself. Regardless, the procedure is likely to improve your smile, boost your confidence, and force others to take notice of you.

Dental Implants

Perhaps the most extensive dental work most people see during their lifetime is the need for a dental implant. This happens when the root of a tooth becomes unworkable or when an adult tooth gets broken or lost. A dental implant involves inserting a titanium screw into the jawline that holds a specially-crafted crown. The crown looks exactly like a normal tooth and has the same level of durability that a tooth possesses. Over time, the jawbone grows completely around the screw, making it a permanent part of your mouth. In most cases, once a dental implant has been inserted and the jaw has fully healed, it is nearly impossible for non-professionals to even notice that it’s there.

From Invisalign braces to dental implants, Tower Hill Dental can make sure that your smile looks absolutely perfect. Cosmetic dentistry is more than just a matter of looks – with the proper care and treatment, you can find yourself feeling more confident and chewing with less pain. If you have any questions about the potential of your smile and live in the Richmond Hill area, reach out to Tower Hill Dental right away.