University of Pennsylvania Study Reveals Health Risk To Your Pets

As a dog owner, you know the value of the companionship of a loyal pet, and many dog owners are lucky enough to see their pooch go from a pup to an old-guard member of the family. But a new study from PennVet at the University of Pennsylvania reveals that large dogs are often prone to a number of the same orthopedic issues that plague people. Joint and bone issues such as Osteochonrosis Dessicans, hip dysplasia, and Intervertebral Disc Disease can shorten your dog’s life span — especially if he is a larger breed. These conditions mean your dog needs the correct support, even during sleep.

Since larger dogs age quickly, it takes some effort to make sure your dog stays healthy and active longer. A pain-free sleep is vital to a dog’s health and just as humans need a comfortable bed to sleep on, so does your Golden Retriever or Mastiff. But where does the search for the right bed begin? Firstly, be sure to look carefully into the history of any company that sells pet beds; you want them to be knowledgeable and passionate about their product, and pedigree is as important to a company as it is to a canine. Ask yourself if the company provides an array of beds for dogs of all sizes – do they actually love dogs and put their comfort first? When going to the store, you can get a feel for this by asking the company members if they have dogs at home that use the bed. If so, they might even be eager enough to show you pictures. This is a good sign, you want a company that can back their own product with personal experience, and testimonials.

One company that has over 20 years of research and experience in dog bed engineering is Mammoth Outlet, where beds are designed to specifics, allowing you to find dog beds by size or by your pet’s breed. As humans, we have “Tempurpedic,” “Beautyrest,” and “Sleep Number” beds to help us wake up refreshed, but what about your dog? Orthopedic beds come in a wide variety designed with the needs of large dogs in mind. Veterinarians praise orthopedic beds for their larger canine patients due in part to the some of the conditions noted above, which is why every Mammoth bed comes vet-recommended.

Orthopedic large and extra-large breed dog beds provide much-needed support for the muscles, spine and joints which helps to distribute your dog’s weight while also reducing restlessness — allowing your dog to feel refreshed after every nap. Many new dog owners will even choose to start their new puppy on a comfortable bed as a preventative to future joint and muscle discomfort.

A large breed dog also needs a comfortable bed to prevent waking with aches and pains from the stiff muscles and joints that come with age. Shouldn’t our best friends have a vet-recommended orthopedic large breed dog bed for their comfort needs, too?

Benefits of An Orthopedic Bed

An orthopedic large breed dog bed that comes vet-recommended can help prevent and ease the pain from large breed health problems. Many people aren’t aware of the seriousness of the issue, but large breed dogs are susceptible to

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Arthritis
  • Elbow disease
  • Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)
  • Osteochondrosis Dessicans (OCD)
  • And many other skeletal issues

Going Shopping for the Right Orthopedic Bed

When shopping for the right orthopedic bed, keep in mind that you need to select the right size for your dog. Some owners even choose orthopedic dog beds for their puppies, to help prevent joint problems from developing, and choosing a machine-washable pillow cover that is removable, will make cleaning a breeze.

Mammoth Outlet manufactures superior quality large, extra-large, and extra extra-large breed-specific orthopedic dog beds that comes with a lifetime guarantee. Their beds are made tough, from industrial-strength materials including Cordura, canvas, and micro-fibers. Materials like these are proven to be durable enough to withstand nightly clawing and pawing, yet soft and comfortable for your pet. Orthopedic covers are moldable and machine-washable, stain resistant, mildew resistant, and water repellent.

Show our best friend how much you care, and shop for an orthopedic large breed dog bed today; that way, you’ll know your Golden Retriever is comfortable and content as he moves into his golden years.