Five Reasons to Buy Ripple XRP Coins

Ripple XRP is yet another fascinating crypto currency in a time when these currencies have started taking over the investment markets by storm. If you follow the ripple xrp coin news, you will realize that just like other currencies this is also making extraordinary profits with a returning percentage in four digits.

The reasons why you should look to invest in this currency over strong competitors like Bitcoins and Ethereum are very convincing if you have the basic understanding of an overheating market, and is explained in detail in this article.

Not Expensive

There is a difference between a currency being not expensive and not competitive. Not competitive means that it is at a stagnant position where growth prospects are not abundant, whereas not expensive means that it is easy to purchase, but has potential to give back.

Ripple XRP belongs in the latter category, because the price as of now is under $1 USD. If we compare this price with that of a Bitcoin, which is trading today at a rough mean of $4000, we can see that the massive difference is a good incentive for non-risk supportive individuals.

Safer to Invest

Complete regulation of cryptocurrencies is a very difficult goal to achieve despite of how many blockchain technologies are devoted to the cause, so an upward trend today can go very low tomorrow.

You payment in Ripple is a lot deferred relative to others, because even if you have $50 you can make up your mind to invest. In this case, even in the unfortunate circumstances that the currency performs poorly, you will not be suffering any irrecoverable loss, as opposed to an investment in more expensive currencies.

A Bank Friendly Currency

Regardless of how strong these digital currencies are, they will not be powerful to take over and restructure financial and banking systems as we know them, so why not integrate one such currency within banking systems?

This is what the developers of Ripple XRP aimed to do, and today this currency is accepted by big names like YES bank as a legitimate online medium of exchange. Very soon these banks will be introducing banking operations solely devoted to Ripple XRP too, and that is when the returns might shoot up.

Secured Transparency

The ideal transaction is one which has complete transparency between the two ends, and obstruction as far as the rest of the world is concerned.

The Inter Ledger technology used by Ripple XRP makes it very secure because the blockchain networks do not allow any foreign sources to be able to trace you down, making it very secure in terms of protecting your sensitive information.

Easy to Store and Exchange

The best ripple wallet is one which will not only allow you to securely save your currency, but also make it available on the exchange market. Many people use the rising value of Ripple XRP as an indirect source to go on to purchase more expensive crypto currencies in time, and not every such currency is compatible to being exchanged so easily.