The Positives Of Dental Implants

Feeling unconfident when you smile and being unhappy with how your teeth look is a common problem. Many of us are unhappy with the colour, shape and alignment of our teeth. Overtime, our teeth tend to shift and move which means that gaps and misalignments form. Instead of suffering with this, experienced dentists can offer a range of treatments to fix this. One of those is dental implants.

Dental implants are offering solutions to people who have long wanted a fantastic smile. At one time, solutions to replace missing teeth were limited to either false teeth or a crown.

But no more. Dental implants provide a permanent solution. These implants not only look great, they feel great too.

The Pros Of Dental Implants

· They Offer A Permanent Solution

Dental implants are fixed in the mouth, negating the need to remove the false tooth or teeth on a nightly basis for cleaning. A titanium posts is securely fixed into the gum, with ceramic teeth fitted to this post.

· Dental Implants Are Suitable For Most Patients

Dental implants are suitable for most patients, although there are a few issues that may prevent successful implantation. Clearly, you will need to discuss your suitability for dental implants in London at London City Smiles with one of our dental team.

Jaw bones need to be strong and you also need a good oral hygiene routine as dental implants must be looked after well.

· Used To Replace Teeth

Some people have a dental implant to replace a missing tooth or they may replace a ‘set’ of teeth. For dental implants to remain strong, the posts need a good fixing in the jaw but the row of teeth also need stability from surrounding teeth.

· Have A Natural Look And Appearance

Many patients worry that they will have a row of pearly white teeth that look obviously ‘fake’. In many ways, this was a common problem with false teeth. The teeth were straight, well-spaced with few natural looking indentations or blemishes, lading some people to feel that people could spot that they had false teeth or a crown.

Dental implants and the ceramic teeth used are ‘moulded’ so that they fit the contours of your mouth and match your own teeth.

· Dental Implants Can Drastically Boost Your Confidence

A missing tooth from a prominent front-of-the-mouth position, a chipped tooth, a blemished tooth etc. all do the same thing: they zap your confidence.

Dental implants improve the look of your mouth, helping your face look fuller again. They are natural looking and they feel pleasant in the mouth too.

· Help You To Chew And Digest Your Food Easily

Missing teeth means less chewing of your food which leads to digestive problems. A full set of teeth means you can shew foods easier, although there are some foods and drinks you should avoid to protect the dental implants.

Gain back your confidence, invest in your smile and let your dentist help you to achieve the perfect teeth you have always wanted.