7 Tips To Quicken Recovery After Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery procedures have been on the rise in the recent times, thanks to the advancement in technology. People have been opting for this painful procedure for their own personal reasons. After all, reconstruction literally changes your life. So, if you are one of those going for their first experience with plastic surgery or you have already undergone the procedure, the following tips are for you to ensure a speedy recovery post-surgery:

1-   Nutrition is the Key: It is important for you as a patient to quit unhealthy eating and drinking habits. Keeping a healthy diet and maintaining a proper Body Mass Index (BMI) for your height and age are an integral aspect before and after the surgery for promoting recovery. That especially includes avoiding smoking and alcohol for a good period, otherwise, the healing process would slow down.

2-   Regular Doctor Visits: The doctor’s job does not end with the surgery, they would also help you in recovery. If you have undergone breast augmentation, it is imperative to visit your New York City breast augmentation consultant for regular checkups to avoid complications and be on the right course of action. Always listen to your surgeon’s advice and recommendations; they know what is best for you. If you have any doubts or questions, you can always check with your doctor and also search online for researched material.

3-   Patience: Healing can take time. Everybody is different, so if you are not recovering as quickly as others, don’t be alarmed. Bruising, swelling and skin discoloration can last for some time. It could take you a few weeks, months or even years to fully heal! So, it is very crucial that you keep your cool and follow your surgeon’s valuable instructions.

4-   Relax your Mind and Body: After surgery, it is vital to give your body enough rest before you revert back to your active lifestyle. Strenuous exercise or stress-related activities can be detrimental to your well-being post-surgery. So, it would be better to save up on your work leaves and use them as you get your surgery done to make sure your mind and body are relaxed to reap the highest benefits of your treatment.

5-   Drink Water: Your body needs an ample amount of water to clear the toxins and other harmful substances as well as to keep its temperature down. Try drinking at least 8 to 12 glasses of water daily to achieve the desired results.

6-   Sun Protection: If you expose your affected area to the sun it may cause damage to your skin or discolor it. Use a proper attire to cover yourself and avoid harmful effects of the sun. Wear hats, sunglasses and other protective wear! Use sunscreen having an SPF of 30 or more. It would be better to avoid going outdoors because dust, smoke, and other pollutants can cause similar effects.

7-   Hope for Good: It is natural post-surgery that you will look worse than before, but if your surgeon has done a great job you will soon see the fruits of the surgery.

Although these tips will prove to be helpful in shortening your recovery time, nothing can substitute for the advice of your doctor. After that just enjoy the look of your body and live with the new you!