Pros And Cons Of A Hospital Birth

Hospital delivery is recommended as opposed to delivering at home or in a birthing centre because they have more backup and thus makes the hospital more comfortable.

Giving birth in a maternity hospital is the preferred choice for most mothers especially those who have a condition of high-risk pregnancy. A high-risk pregnancy is when you are over 35 years of age, are expecting multiples, or have gestation diabetes. While midwives attend to the women in the birthing centres, the hospital will have OB-GYN or even your family physician that can do the delivery.

Both the methods come with their own advantages and disadvantages and thus you need to choose your childbirth experience with a lot of care.

Advantages of giving birth in a hospital

The advantages of giving birth in a hospital are:

It is a safe option

If you are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy then giving birth in a hospital is the safest option. Hospitals are safe even if there is an unforeseen complication that arises during your pregnancy.

Operation room

In case you need a caesarean, whether planned or unplanned, then the hospital is the only place where you can have one. You would not need to be transferred mid-labour and all that you need to do is to move from the birthing centre to the operating room.


The hospitals have experienced staff and they have advanced medical technology in case the baby may need any medical care.

Pain relief

There will always be anesthesiologists on duty to give you pain relief medication on request. These would not be available in case you delivering in a birthing centre.

Disadvantages of giving birth in a hospital

There are some downsides of delivering in a maternity hospital which one should know:.


The big hospitals can have a very intimidating and impersonal approach. You should take a tour to get more familiar with the hospital and be sure of the choice of the hospital where you would like to give birth. The big ones are nowadays trying to give a family feel but it may still not be like giving birth at home.


You cannot expect to get complete privacy when delivering in a hospital. There would be nurses and doctors coming and going on and off and also the staff attending you and being there at your bedside. This is why you may not get complete rest in a hospital as you would at home.


Separations from the newborn are a part of the hospital routine even if you choose to be with your baby. There would be times like for newborn screening when the hospital may separate you from the baby.

Hospital policies

Most of the hospitals are open to birthing alternatives and keep to the demand of the expecting mothers; still, they are bound by many procedures and protocols. This means that you too are bound by these rules. There is, however, chances that the practitioner will be able to make a birth plan and offer you the birthing experience that you desire.

The hospitals today have come a long way from the days when the environment used to be uncomfortable and cold. Today the equipment used in hospitals are sterile but the surroundings still need a lot of improvement. If the hospital that you choose to deliver in has family centre maternity care then you can expect the birthing process to be homely and comfortable. You can also expect it to have all the medical necessities like private bathrooms and sofa beds for family members to stay with you.