6 Camping Tips to Make Your Adventure Even More Amazing

How relaxing and soothing is it to lie beneath the sheet of stars, with bonfire providing you the right amount of warmth, with one of your friends singing and the whole group enjoying. A beautiful comforting picture it is, right? For adventure as well as nature lovers, camping can provide an amplitude of fun, which you won’t find living and residing in a hotel room. So as the festival season approaches it is time for you to pack your bags and go camping with your bunch of friends.

However, before you go, here are a few tips and tricks to help you make most of your camping experience:

1. Take Lights to Make the Environment More Living

Don’t simply take a single LED bulb for your camp adventure. Rather take one or two separate lights which you can install within your camp and make it look lively. Walking around in dark, or not having sufficient lights in your camp leaves you with a bad experience. Also keep two-three separate bulbs, in case one of the bulb fuses.

2. Found a Perfect Camping Site? Go a Little Farther

As you Google and find the perfect location for your camping adventure, try seeing nearby places around to find a spot which is a bit far from the original site displayed. A usual camping location is often crowded with people and you will be hearing noises of car doors opening and closing, people shouting and drinking which might be a spoiler for this trip. Going further up or down the stretch you will find a relatively quiet location which will be the perfect spot for you to have some good time with your friends.

3. Take Coffee or Tea Along

Due to the ‘drink culture’ now developing most millennial prefer taking cans of beer or bottle of rum to their camping trip. While it is your choice, however, we recommend taking sachets of instant tea or coffee along. The bond coffee and camping share cannot be undermined and with instant make coffee and tea available there is no more need of skipping these simply because kettle or thermos was too much to carry.

4. Book in Advance

There are numerous campsites available all across the country or state you are living in and most of these have started online booking services for these. It is very annoying to see at 11 a.m. a guy with a torchlight in his hand, running across the campground to find a piece of vacant space for his crew to set up a camp at. To save you such issues which may spoil your, as well as others camping experience we strongly recommend you to book your place in advance or choose a remote location, during camping seasons if you are too spontaneous with your plans.

5. No Need of Surviving on Freeze Dried Food

As you go camping you don’t need to only take frozen food along. There are multiple options for you to take food items such as fruits and vegetables, hardened cheese etc. which can last fresh for a couple of days. Take some best camping utensils along, within which you can cook meals such as olive oil pasta, and make as well as serve items such as salad etc. Also, if possible take a box of spices along, after all, you are going on an adventurous trip, not a torturous one.

6. Organize and then Leave

One of the most important things is to organize your stuff before leaving for a camping tour. Do packing at least 6 hours before so that you aren’t leaving any essentials behind. Check out blogs online to learn the must bring essentials for your camping trip. This way you will have fun and won’t be struggling to find a lighter for your bonfire, which if not found can spoil your trip.

These top 6 tips we believe are sufficient enough to give you an enjoyable and memorable camping experience. If you think of something which adds more value to this article, please feel free to share your thoughts below.