How to Better Look After Your Teeth

A visit to the dentists is something that many of us dread, a stranger peering into our mouths, poking us with bits of metal and all that drilling is enough to make anyone shudder. Whilst it is important that you get an annual check up from your dentist, it is far more important that you look after your teeth so that you don’t require any surgery or corrective procedures. Not only that but as far as different parts of the body go, pain in the teeth is one of the worst, even a small cavity can produce awful pain that leaves you unable to concentrate on anything but your aching mouth. In order to avoid such perils it is important that you care for your teeth as best you can and here’s how.

Regular Brushing

The easiest way to look after our teeth, yet something that people still don’t do enough of is regular brushing. You should be aiming to clean your teeth every morning and every night and you need to do it right. Circular motions are the best way to clear out the plaque and food from your teeth and you need to ensure that you are not too firm with the brush, this can damage the gums. You should also be looking at replacing your toothbrush every 3 months, any longer than this and you will simply be cleaning your teeth with a bacteria-filled brush which sort of negates the point of doing it.

Watching Food and Drink

Drinks like coffee and red wine can stain your teeth very badly and you should ensure that you clean your teeth after consuming them. You should be trying your best to avoid eating too much sugary based snacks and drinks, sugar can play havoc with the teeth and strip away the enamel. If you should eat anything sweet or sugar based then you should be aiming to try and clean your teeth or at least chew some gum afterwards to get rid of the sugar.

Don’t Smoke

Smoking has thousands of ways of ruining your body and one is that it can do terrible things to your teeth. Not only can the nicotine stain your teeth yellow but the chemicals in cigarettes can cause your gums great health problems and the cigarette smoke will eat away at the enamel on your teeth and leave them thin and weak. If you’re a smoker then for the sake of your teeth, stop now.

Avoid Problems

Many people have nervous reactions where they grind their teeth, some even have a sleeping habit of grinding their teeth and you should do all that you can to avoid it. Teeth grinding can cause great damage and pain to your teeth, gums and mouth and you can avoid this with something simple like a teeth grinding night guard. Simply place the guard in your mouth when you sleep and then throughout the night, should you grind your teeth, you will not cause any damage as a result.

Looking after your teeth is about more than avoiding a trip to the dentists, a healthy, bright white smile can give you plenty of confidence and allow you stop hiding behind others when you’re trying to take a group photo. It’s incredible how much bad teeth can dent your confidence and it is something that you are constantly aware of, when you talk, smile or laugh. In order to be healthier and feel better about yourself, follow the tips above and look after your teeth as best that you can.