How to Become a Reliable Health Coach

In this day and age, there are countless training providers that offer professional training on health and wellness. And because our health and overall well being is a very important part of our lives, it is important for people to acquire some knowledge and skills on how to live a healthy and happy life from qualified health coaches.

If you would like to solve the health issues in the society as a professional health coach or you are aspiring to become one, read on. At the outset, there are various things that you should be keen on when choosing your health training centre. These things will help you choose a competent health coach who is willing and able to teach you everything about this profession.

Credentials are a must

Make sure that your health coach has all the necessary certifications beforehand. Normally, you can verify this information on the coach’s website (or the health centre’s website). If the information is not available, the legitimacy might be questionable. Experience is a bonus point that you should be looking for; the more the better.

Check for excellent communication skills

A good health coach is required to communicate effectively and at the same time be a good listener. Therefore, if you notice that a health coach is not listening to you, find another coach. At the end of the day, you need to interact freely with your health coach and without good communication from both of you, am afraid the training will be of no help.

Honesty is very important

Do you wish to gamble with your health or the health of other people? My guess is no! Therefore, ensure that you find a training centre or a health coach that is honest and truthful. Find out as much as you can about your coach or training centre. Better yet, find client reviews or get recommendations from close friends and family members.

Check for convenience

Remember that your coach has other clients to attend to. Therefore, when scheduling training sessions, you must think of the coach’s availability and how convenient it will be for you. Assuming that you are also a busy person, it is important that you talk to your coach beforehand and come up with a training time that favours both your schedules.

On the other hand, if you are already a healthcare professional but are looking to improve your skills and knowledge, does the training help you understand you clients better? As a healthcare professional, different clients will be knocking on your door on a daily basis. And because every client has unique needs, you must ensure that you attend to every client individually and on a professional level.

Basically, most health coaches and health centres in general are trained to offer support to healthcare professionals by taking them through the principles, and teaching them the skills needed in the health profession as a package. Therefore, ensure that the training session leaves you a better person that you were in your line of work.


Spencer Montgomery is a health coach in a recognized health centre. She is also a fitness and wellness part-time blogger. Learn more by visiting her blog.