Types of watery discharge and how to ease the discomfort.

Vaginal watery discharge is quite normal among women. It is a great way for the body to cleanse the vagina from any harmful bacteria thus you need not to be concerned about it. It is actually a part of your menstrual cycle or it could mean that you are pregnant. However, if you notice any unusual change in the discharge color, it is recommended that you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. There are quite a number of watery discharge causes and regardless of the cause, they are normal and you need not to worry unless you have an isolated case. Below are some of the cause of watery discharge.

Discharge during pregnancy.

Every woman has a different experience during pregnancy, one of them is a discharge that is brought about by the constant discharge due to the weak pelvic muscles. The watery discharge is actually the first sign before even the pregnancy test is taken. The discharge due to pregnancy is often as a result of the hormonal changes as the body is preparing for pregnancy. After fertilization, the oestrogen levels increase abruptly and in turn, this increases the cervical mucus thus leading to the watery discharge.

The watery discharge that occurs before and after periods.

The watery discharge does not always mean that it’s resulting from pregnancy. During ovulation, the oestrogen levels rise up thus resulting in the watery discharge over a period of a couple of days. During this time, a woman’s body produces thirty times more mucus than its normality. At times, it can leave the underwear soaked with discharge.

Mostly, there will be clear and stretchy discharge after their period and it can increase during and after intercourse. This is completely normal and you can be assured of having several hours of discharge. You have no reason to worry as long as the discharge is odorless and it’s clear.

Abnormal Watery discharge.

As much as this watery discharge is common among women, there are some types of discharge that may signalize that you are suffering from an infection in your body. If you have a yellowish or greenish discharge, with a foul odor, this is an outright indication that you are having abnormal discharge.

This type of discharge is caused by yeast or bacterial infection in the vagina. It is recommended that you should check with your gynecologist on this issue as soon as possible.

Treating the watery discharge.

While there is no specific way of treating watery discharge, it is advisable that you should go the natural ways of easing any discomfort that is brought about by discharge. However, I case of an infection or an STD, visit your medical practitioner as soon as possible to prevent the condition from becoming worse. If the situation is not something to worry about, below are some of the most effective ways of easing the discharge discomfort.

a. Using baby wipes. This is a great way of keeping your vagina clean and free from any potential bacteria. You should be careful not to insert the wipes into the vagina. All you need is to clean it from outside and get rid of any smell or wetness that could be causing the discomfort. While choosing the best baby wipes, it is recommended that you should settle for the ones that have no chemical in them.

b. Using pads. Sanitary pads ensure that your underwear stays dry and it does not get soaked in the discharge. Ensure that you settle for the thin cotton pads that seem to be more comfortable and absorb any liquid expelled easily.

c. Boost your immune system. This is done by consuming natural herbs that help in fighting any potential infection.it is recommended that you should take cranberry juice to stop any present infection in its early stages.