VoIP Technology and Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all about connecting people. Communication is the key, and they know it. We have become a custom to modern texting communication style. Nowadays, Facebook and other popular social media platforms offer built-in video-calls, voice recordings, regular calls, etc.

All these thanks to the development of VoIP technology. VoIP is affecting social media big time. What we see and experience everyday is thanks to VoIP technologies integrated into our favorite apps and social media. And you as a small business owner could use it for company’s benefits.

These improvements guarantee more engagement from users in social media. It makes easier for customers to interact with each other, and for businesses to collect more accurate data. That’s how VoIP affects social media. And there’s more:

Mobile app integration

Mobile app developers are swamped! Every business wants to hire the best developer to create the most effective and user-friendly app. VoIP technologies are acting on the demand. We have integrated VoIP in mobile apps, and it has been amazing for everyone.

By implementing VoIP technology in your app, you are offering phone services on one platform. It’s the most optimal usage for visitors.

Growing customer engagement

Customers will always go for something more comfortable and relatable for them. Social media is an intermediary itself. And companies are using social media as a digital marketing strategy tool.

We talk about Facebook a lot, but it’s not the only social media platform that has integrated VoIP technologies. Google + is known for its’ big implementation of VoIP. Their platform allows several users to create a chat room and have a video chat. It can surely grow your user engagement.

Better and faster customer service

Facebook is full of bots that automatically answer your messages. Companies have even integrated pre-written questions and answer to them. You can visit a company’s Facebook page and write them a message. Let’s say you want to know the price for their products and services. There will be a special button asking for a price, and you will receive a pre-written answer for it.

VoIP technologies make your social media customer service easier and faster. It’s beneficial for both sides, saving time on long chats and confusions.

And maybe in the future, we could integrate video chats and video customer services? Who knows?

Reputation matters

Imagine a company that has a poorly built Facebook page. Or a graphic designer’s Instagram page that isn’t worth checking out. You wouldn’t want to ever collaborate with them. Reputations matter big time.

Creating a social media page is not enough. You need to implement and use every feature and make your business look like an expert in the industry. By doing so, you can be sure that you will develop your brand and spread awareness.

VoIP technologies have a big future. They will affect your daily life, working life and other activities. You might already be using VoIP, and you don’t even realize. These innovations are making our lives easier and easier every time.