The Five Best Businesses for Audio Technology

The audio industry is booming with hundreds and hundreds of brands from all over the world working to push the limits of audio technology, create flawless sound quality, and build equipment that is meant to last. When looking for home audio systems, hi-fi, or professional equipment, you want to make sure you are buying from the best of the best. Here are five of the best brands for audio technology that all audiophiles know and love!

1. Chord

Chord Electronics makes top of the line headphone amps, digital analog converters and audio gear. This company alone has single-handedly changed the audio world. Since 1989, Chord Audio Electronics have been testing the boundaries of music technology and have created some of the world’s most impressive hi-fi, home audio and professional equipment. Having quality headphones is great, but your listening setup would never be complete without a quality headphone amp. They can take your regular mid-range headphones and turn them into high quality ones with the flick of a switch. Headphone amps work like regular amps, they amplify the sound and improve the quality, but on a miniscule level that are safe for your ears. Chord makes headphone amps that are pocket sized, so you can have constant access to the best streaming solution. All of their products are highly reviewed and resoundingly respected amongst the audio world. Their products will complete your perfect audio set up!

2. Sennheiser

Sennheiser is a German manufacturer of world class audio equipment. Sennheiser sells a wide variety of low end and high end headphones that cater to the needs of every type of person. It is one of the most well-known and accessible brands on the market that is astoundingly consistent when it comes to keeping their customers happy. Sennheiser focuses on pure sound quality over fashion and head-shaking bass. You will distinctively hear each instrument with perfect clarity. For audiophiles looking for an affordable, simple and reliable option for headphones, Sennheiser will never let you down. Sennheiser also carries headsets for the workplace, microphones, loudspeakers and even work with assistant listening systems. They are currently shaping the future of audio by working with the latest smart technology and continuing to modernize everything from technology to their design as each year passes.

3. Shure

Founded in Chicago, Shure is a leading audio brand well known for their premium quality headphones. When it comes to sound quality, their technology will impress any audiophile that gets a chance to listen. This brand has been around since 1925. It’s authentic, reliable and though they are expensive, you certainly get what you pay for. Shure also manufactures microphones, wireless systems, personal monitor systems, mixers, earphones, and more! Any music professional you meet is likely to have owned or used a pair of Shure audio headphones. And most any live performance probably includes Shure’s top of the line mixers and wireless systems. The brand is so well known and respected that even though they have been around for over 90 years, and they still remain one of the top choices in the world for professional and mid-range audio equipment.

4. Moon Audio

An age-old debate in the audio world is that the use of high-end cables aren’t worth the price when it comes to quality of sound. When pairing Moon Audio’s award winning Black/Silver Dragon cables with a top tier headphone, you may change your mind. Moon Audio creates a wide variety of world-class audio cables that will take any audiophile’s breath away. Drew Baird, the mastermind behind Moon Audio, puts his heart and soul into his craft. Each cable is meticulously made with only the highest quality materials, which means they last long, and will produce the purest sound. If you are someone that refuses to hop on the Bluetooth bandwagon (because, let’s be honest, bluetooth can be nightmare to deal with) then look no further than Moon Audio’s top of the line cables for your audio equipment. You won’t be disappointed!

5. Audio Technica

Probably the most well-known audio company in the world. Audio Technica was founded in Tokyo, Japan by Hideo Matsushita over 40 years ago. It is not as old as some of the other brands on the list, but that doesn’t take away from the quality of their equipment or the authenticity of the company.. Most music lovers may know of Audio Technica for their beloved turntables. But, Audio Technica is an award winning company when it comes to headphones too. Their selection offers mid-ranged and high-end budget-friendly headphones that professionals and enthusiasts love. They also design and sell microphones, wireless systems, discussion systems, and various audio cables. Audio Technica lives up to their “always listening” motto as they are constantly improving and always listening to what their consumers want.


From top of the line headphones, to world-class headphone amps, equisette home audio systems and supreme disc jockey setups – the world of audio technology has certainly outdone itself. Though there are hundreds and hundreds of new audio brands hitting the market, these brands have been around since the beginning, and they build equipment with the highest quality materials and most advanced technologies. All of these brands are striving to enhance the world of audio in their own ways, and are certainly not finished yet.

What is your favorite line of high quality audio devices? Leave us a comment with your best product recommendations in the section below.