Five Simple Ways To Make Your Skin More Beautiful

Who doesn’t love a beautiful skin? A proper sleeping pattern, sustaining the right diet, exercising and using the right skin products can get you a glowing complexion. But in this busy day and age, it is difficult to follow a stringent routine. So if you are short on time and looking for options to get a beautiful skin over gradual time, here are some of the ways you can follow:

Keep stress in check

A stressful life can negatively impact nearly every part of your body, including skin. Studies have proven that students experiencing stress during exam time faced severe skin problems than those who faced less pressure.

Stress increases production of hormones in body like cortisol which makes the skin oiler. This further decreases the ability to combat acne-causing bacteria. Regularly practicing stress management techniques can keep your skin under control. Meditating on daily basis can prevent conditions like acne and rosacea.

Sufficient sleep

Medical studies have proved that sleep deprivation can cause skin problems. Insufficient sleep puts stress on body which consequently release more cortisol which can cause breakouts and other skin problems. Maintaining a proper sleep routine can do the job. Getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep is a necessity to get a glowing skin.

Water counts a lot

Assess your water and choose the skin-care products according to it. Soft water sometimes do not take off soap well. The residue left can negatively impact your skin. If you are using soft water then use face and body cleanser. On the other hand, hard water does not allow washes to form foam easily. This forces you to use more cleanser which makes the skin drier. Use gentle cleansers which are meant to tackle such situations.

Quality of cleanser

In case you are having a dry skin, choosing a quality face wash is even more important than a moisturizer. A non-soap cleanser is the perfect choice because it replaces the moisture barrier in the skin. The cleanser can be utilized to prevent dryness, eczema and likewise diseases.

Quality of cleanser counts a lot. If you are choosing a product for itchy skin, make sure the ingredients are of absolute quality. Even keep in mind that you are not allergic to any of those ingredients. Nevertheless consider different factors like brand reputation.

Drink green tea

Green tea consists of anti-inflammatory properties which can sooth your skin especially if you have a blotchy complexion. Many specialists recommend iced tea because hot products can further contribute to redness of skin and other issues. Other components in green tea prevents destruction of collagen which results in wrinkles and DNA damage in the skin through sun.


In a nutshell, every thing depends on the routine you build. An organized routine will ensure not only a healthy skin but a healthy life as well. Effective stress management, sufficient sleep, using quality water and cleanser and initiating your day with a cup of green tea can ensure a glowing skin.