Family Health Insurance – But I do have a cover from my company

There are so many of us who are not convinced to buy a health insurance plan even today! Some of them feel that the corporate health insurance plan provided by their generous employer would suffice their health insurance needs. These people feel it’s unnecessary to buy a separate family health insurance plan. There are certain group of people who have forcefully bought one, but we wonder if they actually renew it on time! Unfortunately, so many of us are still dicey and are unaware about the benefits that a family health insurance offers.

Case Study

There was this young guy named Rahul, 26, who was actually living life to the fullest. He was drawing a fat salary at a very young age. A person of his age would earn a 6 digit salary probably after a decade! But, Rahul was an exception.

Rahul’s elder siblings and parents were really proud of his achievements and used to give him timely guidance, to buy a health insurance policy. However, he always was reluctant to buy one, because he had a misconception that his corporate health insurance plan would be enough to take care of his medical emergencies.

Just like every individual wishes to see a growth in their careers, Rahul also felt so. He planned of changing his job and moved to an organization with even higher salary structure and good perks.

Before resuming and starting fresh with the new company, he planned a trip to Goa with his friends. Unfortunately, these guys met with a major accident in Goa, where all of them were rushed to attain medical treatment. Rahul was hospitalized for more than a week and also had to bear a heavy bill of around a lakh from his own pocket.

Sadly, Rahul was unemployed with his previous organization and yet had to complete the joining formalities in his new organization. That’s where his corporate health insurance was of no use.

Even today, there so many youngsters like Rahul who feel it’s utter non-sense to buy a family health insurance apart from the corporate health insurance plan.

Reasons to buy a Family Health Insurance Plan:

None of us would like to suffer and pay additionally for emergency medical expenses just like Rahul did. Corporate health insurance plan is a gesture that your employer showers on you. But, let me tell you that you cannot just depend alone on the corporate health insurance plan.

There would be times when you might switch your job for a better-paying one. You would not be covered under the corporate health insurance during that period. Because you have already quit your previous organization and are yet to join your new organization. Besides, the sum insured would also be insufficient for the corporate plan offered by your employer.

Therefore experts suggest buying a family health insurance plan even though you have a corporate health insurance plan.

Let’s have a look into the benefits offered by a family health insurance plan:

Family health insurance plans are cheaper

Family health insurance offers coverage for your entire family under one single plan. Chances of all the family members falling sick at the same time would be very rare. You just have to make the payment for the premium only once and that too at a lower cost. It is definitely cheaper to buy a family health insurance plan rather than opting for individual health plans which would be costlier. Therefore, it is sensible to buy a family health insurance plan even though you have a corporate health insurance plan!

Family health insurance plans offers you restore benefit

In family health insurance plans, you get a benefit of restore. This means you would be eligible to utilize this facility once your sum insured gets exhausted. The basic sum insured here, doesn’t include any bonuses. In case of recurring hospitalization in a year, you would be eligible to utilize this benefit of restore.

Family health insurance plans allows easy addition of family members

Family health insurance plans allows you to add family members to your existing plan. You have the liberty to add your spouse, children, dependent parents, parents-in-laws and siblings too!

Family health insurance plans offers you higher coverage

Family health insurance plans offers you a higher coverage. Expenses like ambulance cover, doctor’s consultation fees, hospitalization fees etc. all are covered under this plan for you and your family members. At times some insurance companies also offer free health check-ups.

Family health insurance offers interesting features

There are some family health insurance plans that offer benefits like new-born cover and maternity cover. These are usually not covered otherwise in a normal health insurance plan. Though such benefits come along with a waiting period, yet it becomes a striking feature.

So, don’t wait for any uncertainty to come your way. Family health insurance plans are like blessings that come your way during medical emergencies. Relying on your corporate health insurance would only invite unwanted out-of-pocket expenses. If you long for a higher coverage and a lower premium with oodles of benefits, go get a family health insurance plan TODAY!