Buying Insulin from Canada: Why It’s Cheaper?

More than 29 millions Americans live with diabetes. Just imagine, 9.1% of the US population needs insulin to survive the day.

The price of treatment for diabetics is high. On average a diabetes patient pays 700-1000$ a year for their insulin, in the US, and the prices are rising every year. But in Canada the prices are a fraction of those in the United States, urging more and more Americans to buy their insulin from Canada.

But why are the prices so different?

The technology of insulin production in the USA is based on synthesis of human insulin analogues. It’s called recombinant DNA technology. The hormone is produced by special bacteria with human insulin gene inside.

The Canadian insulin is mainly extracted from cattle pancreas. This method is older but cheaper, and the quality of the derived hormone is no different from the recombinated one.

In the 1980s all of US pharmaceutical companies stopped producing animal derived insulin and moved to its human analogues. But the production costs of renewed hormone has increased ever since, and keeps on increasing to this day.

For example, 5 pens of Lantus in the USA cost about $250. In Canada you’re able to buy 5 pens of Humalog, or its analogue, for just under the equivalent of 49 USD. That’s why ‘insulinic tourism’ has become so popular in the USA.

When you need to refill your insulin reserves, you can plan a trip to Canada, but you do not necessarily have to travel abroad yourself. There is also the much easier method of ordering insulin from Canada online.

The advantages

● Low prices. You can save more than $200 on each pack of insulin pens.

● Time saving. You don’t need to spend a few days on a trip.

● Utility. Your order will be delivered right to your front door, you don’t need to ride far to get it.

● Simple payment. Use any available type of online payment. You need just 5 minutes to complete your order.

● Safety. The insulin quality is guaranteed. Always check for certificates before making an order.

● Legality. Buying certified and permitted medicine abroad is in accordance with US and international law.

Ordering insulin online is easier than going into a drugstore. Buying insulin from Canada on sites like is easy. Just a few clicks and it’s done. Package delivery should take 2-3 weeks, so we recommend you order in advance and in time.

Life with diabetes can be simpler and cheaper.