Epilepsy and 5 Exercises That Make a Perfect Workout for Those Suffering

Epilepsy brings along seizures that would disrupt the normal functioning of brain and body. It is the kind of brain disorder where electrical impulses in the brain are disturbed due to seizures. The electrical impulses are used by cells to interact and carry out body functions, however due to seizures, the electrical activity is disturbed, which further results into disorders in brain and body. It affects some part of brain and would result into confused movements. It would stay for few moments and may overpower the brain and body of the person for that particular period.

As mental confusion is a major symptom of epilepsy, people suffering from this disease may avoid exercise as they would fear getting seizures while exercising and the consequences thereof! This is however the misconception and in reality exercise eases out the symptoms of epilepsy considerably. Here are the 5 exercises that you may adopt as a routine if you are suffering from epilepsy.

1. Walking


Walking is the best exercise for epilepsy patients. It may not require any hi-tech equipment or external support, but it will surely bring in ample of benefits. Regular walking would reduce the chances of contracting other health problems like high blood pressure, obesity, or cardiovascular diseases that are common risks for the people suffering from epilepsy. You can select the safe location like park to limit the risks involved with seizures. See if you can find the jogging partner for added safety.

2. Swimming

Swimming is low impact exercise and would work on your entire body and mind. It would be fun to swim in summers but at the same time you need to take some precautions to avoid any major problem because of seizure in swimming pool. Inform the lifeguard and your swimming partners about your health problem along with the knowledge of first aid to be administered. Seizures while swimming can be dangerous, so don’t do it alone.

3. Yoga


Yoga is the best solution to look for in case of epilepsy. The yoga poses specially meant for physical and mental well-being would reduce your stress, which in turn may reduce the frequency of seizures. Regular yoga would also bring down the dosage for epilepsy medicine. Do it under the expert guidance for maximum benefits.

4. Team Sports

Team sports like soccer, basketball, volleyball, or any other sports that you like to play would work as great stress buster. The advantage of these sports would be the support from entire team if anything goes wrong and fun involved when you play with your pals. Wear proper head gears as a protection against accidental fall due to seizure.

5. Cycling

Biking on the roads or riding a stationary bike would bring down blood pressure and cardiovascular risks. If doing it on road then opt for the one that has low traffic. Don’t ignore safety gears and especially the helmet as this will protect in case of seizure. Take the cycle on one side of the road if you feel uneasy at any point of time.

Epilepsy and exercise go well if you take proper safety precautions. Find your workout buddy in case you want extra safety for worry free workout.

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