The Suing Game: Nokia now suing Apple

It had been quiet around Apple and Samsung with their numerous multi-million law cases over patent infringement. But now Nokia wants to enter the smartphone arena again and has decided to remind everyone that they were, and still are, a big name in technology development.

Finland’s Nokia Corp has sued Apple Inc for allegedly violating 32 tech patents. On the other hand, Apple sued Acacia Research Corp and Conversant Intellectual Property Management Inc for secretly collaborating with Nokia Corp to unfairly “extort” revenue from Apple.

According to Nokia, since 2011 Apple has a licence for some of the company’s patents but is declining to acquire licences for other Nokia inventions it is using in its devices.

Nokia has filed lawsuits, covering patents for displays, user interfaces, software, antennas, chipsets and video coding, in three German cities and a US District Court in Texas.

Like always, a bunch of Corps and Incs are quarreling in courts to see who invented the wheel first.